Evil Bromance – More Than One – Richard Zona Jr. and Cary Glenn

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October 5, 2019
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October 9, 2019
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Evil Bromance – More Than One – Richard Zona Jr. and Cary Glenn

Welcome Chappaqua New York, a new reader to my diary/blog on surviving domestic abuse and the life long curse that comes with it.

It’s Monday and a very busy day for me. As busy as it was I was still able to observe the readers to my blog. Throughout my abusive marriage to Richard Zona Jr. he always went head over heels with his bromance of the year. Richard Zona Jr. was always able to find an evil male partner. I have discussed his love fest with the pedophile moving priest Msgr. John Urell in a previous blog. And yet another evil bromance partner (unnamed) that helped him terrorize, harass, legally abuse and hack my blog for nine months is now in PRISON. For nine months I could see the evil two on my blog at the same time often, most likely, plotting evil to STOP THE TRUTH of my blog. One down! That leaves the evil bromance with Cary Glenn of Main Beach Realty, in Laguna Beach, Ca. As per my previous blog, Cary Glenn’s helpful money laundering during my divorce, and his enjoyment of watching Richard Zona Jr. abuse me, wasn’t the only divorce he infiltrated himself into for profit.

Cary Glenn lives in Laguna Beach, and Richard Zona Jr. now lives in Jupiter, Fla after he fled California.

But I and others observed both of them on my blog today.

Were the EVIL BROS plotting and scheming their next planned hit on me and my blog?

The last EVIL BRO schemer of Richard Zona Jr.’s ended up in prison!!!

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