Who’s The Dick of The Week? Robert DeNiro or James Franco? Tough Call?

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October 5, 2019
Evil Bromance – More Than One – Richard Zona Jr. and Cary Glenn
October 8, 2019
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Who’s The Dick of The Week? Robert DeNiro or James Franco? Tough Call?

After being treated like dirt by my ex abusive husband Richard Zona Jr., John Paul DeJoria and ALL THEIR CRIMINAL affiliates, without resolution, I am sick and tired of human beings treating other human beings like dirt. Just who the fuck do they think they are?


They need to just go away. Go away and keep their horribly, unhappy, miserable, EVIL, selves away from the population of good, loving, kind, people.

Epstein’s Island is available…maybe we can chain all the miserable, abusive fucks to the blue and white temple we see on Epstein’s Island that we see in pictures all the time! Put the island of HELL to good use!!

I do not swear in my normal life but these people are earth’s bottom feeders and garnish no respect of words.

~James Franco Sued By Former Students For Alleged Sexual Exploitation And Fraud~

~Robert De Niro subjected female employee to creepy and abusive behavior: lawsuit~

It’s time to make the world a loving, peaceful, happy, fun loving, place again! All the criminal, abusive, horrible fucks belong together. Let them enjoy their own EVIL away someplace else.. Let’s dance…It’s the weekend…..

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