Berea College! Don’t Let Your Kids Take Candy From Strangers – eloise DeJoria

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September 21, 2019
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Berea College! Don’t Let Your Kids Take Candy From Strangers – eloise DeJoria

I give eloise DeJoria a CROWN…as I believe she has always wanted one. This woman is the PR QUEEN of FRAUD, I honestly believe it. She will do anything to make herself look like a do-gooder. Remember the creepo that says “over here kiddies, I have candy for you. so sweet!” BE CAREFUL. BE VERY CAREFUL. Always greasy and medicated looking eloise is not telling BEREA COLLEGE a few things…..For instance:

*She sold her P**sy for the entire world to see. (See Eloise Broady Playboy Pics or Pornstar)
*She was passed around in Hollywood before John Paul DeJoria saw her potential for FRAUD and MADE her his wife. (Paul Stanley/gross video)
*Three of eloise and John Paul DeJoria’s friends/business affiliates have been arrested this year. THREE!
(Maybe even more)

`Well-known Austin developer arrested for child indecency` – Chris Milam, as I did a previous blog about it and his associations with the DeJoria’s.

*And lastly eloise DeJoria is fully aware her husband John Paul DeJoria and his criminal friends have harassed, corruptly legally abused, intimidated, threatened, and terrorized at least two women. Myself and Carly Singer/Latitude Solutions.

Berea College don’t allow this not nice/fake nice OLD WOMAN around your children!

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