It’s WAR! Victims of Abuse Are Rising Up, Speaking Up, and Fighting Back.

I Am Still Waiting And It Will Be Forever… Abuse Is Evil and Chosen.
September 18, 2019
Reading Books…..More Abuse Purging – Out With It – We Want To Hear You
September 20, 2019
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It’s WAR! Victims of Abuse Are Rising Up, Speaking Up, and Fighting Back.

It is war! Victims of the EVIL OF ABUSE are fighting back and speaking out in epidemic reveals. Everyday, victims of abuse are taking back their power. Everyday, victims of abuse are regaining their souls. And everyday the exposure of the EVIL takes more of the EVIL power away. Pedophiles, domestic abusers, corruption, and darkness are being exposed like never before. Arrests are being made on those that thought they got away with it, for years they did, like never before. Weinstein, Epstein, Pedophile Priests, Disney Pedophiles, Politicians, Bad Billionaires, Enablers (flying monkeys) are all falling at an expedient rate. THE WORLD NEEDS IT. BOOM BOOM POW! Keep revealing, keep arresting, keep the fingers pointed at those that ABUSE. THE WAR IS ON….it has been for quite sometime. My personal ABUSE war has continued for nearly 15 years and escalated when I began my blog/my diary to tell the dynamics of my true abuse story. The patterns of ABUSE and their enablers are now KNOWN worldwide.

Believe the victims.
Have compassion for the victims.
Love and care for the good people in your life.
Love yourself.
Treat all with respect.


Fifteen years ago I felt alone in my story. Now I know the entire world was going through similar pain and EVIL.

While my heart breaks hearing true story after story…. my HOPE GROWS.

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