“Community First! Village” – Be Careful…Ask MIT – Mobile Loaves and Fishes

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September 14, 2019
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“Community First! Village” – Be Careful…Ask MIT – Mobile Loaves and Fishes

Those that take bad money from bad people need to be held accountable. MIT knew Jeffrey Epstein was “VALDEMORT” yet they took the money any way and are now accountable for countless victims souls. Organizations need to be very careful about being so gleeful of a donation from sources of bad money and people. IT CAN BE EVIL MONEY AND CAN MAKE A GOOD CAUSE VERY BAD. It can also make an organization’s endeavor questionable….does this organization have integrity? Is it legit? We now know how bad billionaires work funding foundations.

I suppose Mobile Loaves and Fishes/Community First! Village took the money from John Paul DeJoria, grabbed it, so to speak, without a question or thought of what he has put victims, multiple women, and even employees through. Nor does the organization seem to care about John Paul DeJoria’s criminal affiliations. Mobile Loaves and Fishes are now responsible for many bad actions of John Paul DeJoria and his criminal affiliates.

~That project is part of Phase II of the village. And it’s happening thanks to a $1.6 million gift from Austin philanthropist and the man behind the Paul Mitchell empire: John Paul DeJoria~

Let’s keep a close eye on Founder Alan Graham and this organization…………


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