YES! Now We Know Some Billionaires Are Very Very Bad/ Evil – John Paul DeJoria

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September 6, 2019
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September 8, 2019
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YES! Now We Know Some Billionaires Are Very Very Bad/ Evil – John Paul DeJoria

Not so long ago John Paul DeJoria whined in an interview that somehow being a billionaire has become a bad word.
Now we know for certain that some billionaires have made large sums of money on being the most evil in ALL OF HUMANITY. Incomprehensible EVIL, we now know, has made some very very very rich. And John Paul DeJoria takes it one step furthur to say ALL THIS MONEY WAS MADE “when nobody was looking”!!! Who knows…maybe that is how John Paul DeJoria has made his, I’m going to say it, bad billions, when no one was looking. We know Jeffrey Epstein WAS EVIL. WE know those associated with him were EVIL. We now know, thanks to Ronan Farrow, even Bill Gates was affiliated with PURE EVIL EPSTEIN. Harvey Weinstein too, very bad, and he has some of the same affiliates as John Paul DeJoria. The dots connect.

MAYBE WE SHOULD LOOK REAL CLOSE AT THESE BILLIONAIRES, REAL CLOSE. And then hold them accountable if in fact they are very bad BILLIONAIRES. Whine elsewhere, John Paul DEJoria, because if you are a bad billionaire, not just me, but a growing population of those awakened will hold EVIL accountable.


I know what John Paul DeJoria/affiliates have tried to do to me when no one is looking.

Wouldn’t it be SOMETHING if someone somewhere, someone GOOD NOT EVIL, was looking ALL THE TIME.

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