I Am a Woman – And I Am a Bigger Man than Graydon Carter – Vanity Fair

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September 2, 2019
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I Am a Woman – And I Am a Bigger Man than Graydon Carter – Vanity Fair

True story……I am. And I am going to tout myself for a moment. Multiple stories I have pre-published, before it happened, have resulted in three arrests of FRAUDS and CONS that are GANG MEMBERS of John Paul DeJoria. If I must say so myself, that is an EXCELLENT RECORD. I have been terrorized, harassed, intimidated, threatened (“this is your last warning”), corruptly legally abused (gagged without due process), blog hacked on Christmas Eve, and blog taken down once. My friends have been terrorized into the dark of night. I am ONE OF MANY – THE NEW GUERILLA MEDIA – reporting on the same story that is so GIGANTIC we need an army of GUERILLA MEDIA to report on the many many links to ONE BIG STORY CONNECTED. My story….is on a personal level as it began with horrific domestic abuse with a man that has criminal ties to the bigger story, my ex husband Richard Zona Jr.

~Annoyance to journalists is the least of this; what is really going on is something much more profound: the end of the power of Big Media.

For almost a hundred years — from the time William Randolph Hearst pushed the Spanish-American War, to the ascendancy of talk radio in the 1990s — big newspapers and, later, television networks have set the agenda for public discussion and tilted the playing field in ways that suited their institutional and political interests.

Not anymore. What is going on with journalism today is akin to what happened to the Church during the Reformation. Thanks to a technological revolution (movable type then, the Internet and talk radio now), power once concentrated in the hands of a professional few has been redistributed into the hands of the amateur many. Those who do it for money are losing out.~

Over the weekend I was in deep thought about Graydon Carter the editor of Vanity Fair, whom refused to publish a story about Jeffery Epstein, because he found a severed cat head and bullet placed at his home. AND JEFFREY EPSTEIN CONTINUED TO ABUSE COUNTLESS CHILDREN. After all I’ve been through, I believe it was my duty to report the TRUTH to end EVIL and return to good. Graydon Carter did not publish the story because he is a weak pussy man that allowed abuse to continue. NOW HE TELLS THE STORY. To late Graydon Carter…too late. You had a responsibility, and YOU FAILED IN LIFE.

Meanwhile……I connected with more of us (THOSE THAT STAND FOR JUSTICE) this weekend that have been intimidated, harassed, threatened, legally abused, corruptly abused……..and like me….they have integrity and CAN NOT LOOK THE OTHER WAY:)

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