Illustrated Properties -Palm Beach Gardens Hired Richard Zona Jr. (ABUSIVE MONSTER)
August 27, 2019
More Texan Sleaze and Stink: John Paul DeJoria, Attorney Aaron Streett, and Judge Gregg Costa
August 29, 2019
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I wanted to feel peaceful last night. I was feeling restless and agitated after reading the abuse victims statements regarding Jeffrey Epstein. Their pain lasting years….it lasts a lifetime, it never really goes away. It’s days like yesterday when I read other victim’s stories that mine comes flooding back. It felt like it happened yesterday my abuser Richard Zona Jr., speeding off, nearly running me over in his SUV, his eyes were monstrous, with our young children in his back seat. It was Mother’s Day….and I was crying as he nearly ran me over. No one could control his RAGE. Later on an abuse counselor said “it was the worst Mother’s Day story he ever heard”. He validated the tears in my eyes in that session. And unfortunately it taught those in the car it was acceptable to treat me awful and with abuse. Abusers justify their abuse. I deserved it anyway it could be justified on Mother’s Day. Days like yesterday get to me…..the tales of Epstein’s victims telling the police and even the FBI years ago about his abuse…..and nothing was ever done, IT MAKES ME MAD. Wasn’t he being watched after he was reported? HOW COULD THIS WORLD KNOWINGLY LET THAT EVIL MONSTER abuse young children? For years. Society looked the other way, so many knew, and allowed more victims to be abused. No one did ANYTHING. And now justice was not carried out….yes, it left me agitated and very pissed off. AND JUST… I felt ready to explode, a perfect stranger, from the universe sent me a peaceful picture out of the blue. How does that happen…GOOD…because there is GOOD in this world. Speaking out is ending EVIL and ABUSE….we must keep at it. We must…

*** To the PERFECT stranger that sent me the peaceful picture above, that came exactly when I needed it to feel some peace….THANK YOU! The world is very beautiful….and peaceful when abusers/EVIL are stopped. Pretty cool!

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