The Cockroaches Upside Down, Legs Still Moving, Barely – CEO Patrick Byrne

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August 23, 2019
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August 25, 2019
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The Cockroaches Upside Down, Legs Still Moving, Barely – CEO Patrick Byrne

I have been a soldier. I did not know that a year ago but I know it now. The TRUTH is exposed ever so slightly in little pieces, I am hopeful the WHOLE STORY WILL BE TOLD. My story is bigger than myself. Bigger than my own personal issues at the forefront of my blog, but yet, all connected to one BIG EVIL PICTURE. I am not the only soldier. At times it felt very lonely but now I know there were hundreds just like me. We were all working and fighting GOOD vs. EVIL. VERY BAD EVIL. Incomprehensible EVIL…..and it trickled into our lives, our families, and our homes. It came into mine and destroyed my family…and I’ve been fighting for a much bigger cause, while fighting for my own. Have hope! The world is changing for the better. The cockroaches are flat on their backs….their legs continue to move, to scream, to rant, to attempt to commit evil, but they are flat on their backs, folks. The cockroaches may lay there for quite some time, legs moving, but we know what happens, they eventually die, without a source. Pay attention to the WORLD. It’s out there for you to see…the GOOD NEWS. In snippets, but it’s all GOOD. Drug busts, everywhere, major ones at that, and victims feeling safe enough to come forward with TRUTH. As more truth spills out cons, frauds, pedophiles, and abusers are exposed. Two stories of TRUTH were told this week that could not be shared even two months ago. PAY ATTENTION!

*** Vanity Fair’s Graydon Carter told his true story of a severed cat head and a bullet found outside his home to silence him about reporting about the EVIL. He as well suffered harassment, intimidation, and terror…..such as I have with my ex abusive husband Richard Zona Jr., John Paul DeJoria/criminal affiliates and many of his GANG. It is all connected, all of it, and reaches out into every living persons lives in the entire world. PAY ATTENTION.

*** CEO Patrick Byrne whom resigned from with a memorable interview. Some equated it to “bonkers” but I assure you it is not. I saw his emotion, and understood it, for what he has been through and may not be finished with yet……Patrick Byrne, unwittingly and unknowingly, became a soldier just like me. It has been an experience like no other. I found his interview understandably riveting.

Little by little the story unfolds all connected to one giant organization of EVIL.

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