John Paul DeJoria – The Red Phone – Phone Line to Corruption?

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August 20, 2019
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August 25, 2019
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John Paul DeJoria – The Red Phone – Phone Line to Corruption?

It was STRANGE. I have watched a few of the many John Paul DeJoria videos (I refer to him as Diarrhea of the Mouth Dejoria) all full of HOT GAS! And after all the research I have done most of them are TOTAL BULLSHIT….however from time to time he says some STRANGE things while being interviewed. The first one I wrote about was how angry he was at a man that called him a “FRAUD ” way before me. But another little segment I watched on another video stunned me! On the video, John Paul DeJoria shows the very unimpressive interviewer, Graham Bensinger, A VERY SPECIAL RED PHONE IN HIS HOME. John Paul DeJoria says “that is my direct line to Washington D.C.” STRANGE STATEMENT. HE ONLY USES THE RED PHONE IN CALLING WASHINGTON D.C? John Paul DeJoria is not a politician… why does he need a direct line to Washington D.C.? Who is John Paul DeJoria’s direct line in Washington D.C., to? It is just ODD. VERY STRANGE? Could it be a direct line to CORRUPTION? I don’t know…and honestly I would not be able to find out who that red phone line goes to. That’s a job for someone else not me…..BUT IT IS STRANGE. However I did get an email almost a year ago with some information that could pertain to that red phone. Even though I don’t know and never will……SOMEONE DOES! It was an anonymous email, like others I have received. And at the time it didn’t make much sense to me. But after hearing of the RED PHONE something CLICKED!!!!

~ My anonymity is for my and my family’s protection and is not meant as any sign of disrespect to you. But in my opinion, one would be wise to tread carefully. Words can be both a sword and a shield as necessary. However, the shield of good deeds and search engine obfuscation exercised by these is, to some, impenetrable. You have to go through many pages with rifle bullet search strings to find much of what I either have/had personal knowledge of or suspected based on my own continuum of experiences with them.

My conclusion to sum up what you probably know is: purveyors of not intrinsic nor extrinsic fraud but fraud per se. And the free use of counsel as an offensive weapon to silence.~

~There will be a day, hopefully soon, that the light I/we will enjoy is that light that shines for those, like us, who stand up to bullies, fraudsters, and those who use their wealth for evil rather than good. And expose Him and his to members of the jury of the court of public opinion that, like the Ebert jury, do that which is just and right.~

Could that red phone be his line to corruption, which I have experienced?( Carly Singer/Latitude Solutions too) Could that red phone be his line to search engine obfuscation? It’s not easy to find ALL I HAVE FOUND. And the free use of counsel…….interesting. Many, many lawyers came after me.

Graham Bensinger, as in most mainstream media, these days is nothing more than a paid PUPPET. I would have at least asked “why do you call Washington D.C. and whom do you call?” A Stepford whatever…as I once upon a time was…..until I left me abusive marriage. AND LIVED.

Off to another vacation Shang-ri-la!!!!!! Have a wonderful weekend and keep reading:) Thank you for all the supportive emails. I am grateful!!!


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