Rich Zona Jr., John Paul DeJoria, Ghislaine Maxwell – They Don’t Care

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August 15, 2019
How To Spot A Fraud – Jeffrey Epstein – John Paul DeJoria – Richard Zona Jr.
August 20, 2019
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Rich Zona Jr., John Paul DeJoria, Ghislaine Maxwell – They Don’t Care


Richard Zona Jr., John Paul DeJoria, and Ghislaine Maxwell….DO NOT CARE.

They do not care about me, they do not care about the victims, they do not care ABOUT ANYBODY, including their flying monkeys. (Used for EVIL) Now their flying monkeys, taken down for their own actions and evil choices to support the MONSTERS….KNOW THE MONSTERS DO NOT CARE ABOUT THEM EITHER. Jeffrey Epstein NEVER cared for Ghislaine, as he thought of her, “AS NOTHING.” We are ALL disposable. The flying monkeys honestly believed by siding with a MONSTER they made the right choice for greedy benefits. WRONG!

EVIL RATIONALIZES THEIR OWN EVIL. Case in point Ghislaine’s reasons for aiding, abetting, and participating in the abuse of young victims. “These girls are NOTHING.” The MONSTERS have it ALL WORKED OUT IN THEIR HEAD. THEY DON’T CARE. Remember that!

“I have scarred and caused harm to hundreds of people on this planet, I think….I’ll go have a burger and fries.”

*** All three of these MONSTERS have had past their time in life to show they care.

FUN VACA….I need some R and R…. even hearing about all the abuse exposed as of late takes a toll….can you imagine being the victim.

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