ROKiT Phones – John Paul DeJoria – “My Last Warning”

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August 13, 2019
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ROKiT Phones – John Paul DeJoria – “My Last Warning”

Welcome Arlington Heights, Illinois, welcome Bridgnorth, England, welcome Huntington Beach, California, welcome Springfield, Ma…… thank you for visiting my blog and reading so intently!!:)

A few weeks back I received “MY LAST WARNING” from a GANG member of John Paul DeJoria’s over at ROKiT phones. (WALMART SHOULD NOT BE SELLING THE PHONE) I have been protected and looking over my shoulder since John Paul DeJoria’s/criminal affiliates came after me for the first time in 2017. This is no way to live….especially considering I suffered domestic abuse and coercive control at the hands of my ex husband Richard Zona Jr. for too many years before that. That warning was not cool. No one thinks so. I know how Carly Singer/Latitude Solutions must have felt when they came after her for speaking out on the wrongs they did to her. Terrible wrongs…sexual harassment, corruption, and corruption you would not think could occur in the U.S.A. But it DID! And it happened to me too…..Really now, “MY LAST WARNING” was a threat that should not come to a human being trying so hard to do the right thing.

The COMPLETELY HORRIBLE human beings….. their power is dwindling every single day. Everyday…little by little more of their EVIL power is stripped away. It is a WAR in the WORLD. The devil does not go down easy…..when the POWER is being dwindled that is when the EVIL strikes out the worst. Fighting, kicking, and screaming, like the MONSTERS they all are…….

I kind of liken it to the Lion King……all this EVIL came after the LION KING for greed (BIG BAD MONEY) and the beautiful world he lived in…..the EVIL left the earth scorched………………BUT THEN…..the EVIL was conquered by a team of GOOD….it always is. And the flowers bloom, and new life comes back, more beautiful than before. It’s going to be GORGEOUS!

Tracy Zona has had her “Last Warning” from John Paul DeJoria and his latest GANG at ROKiT Phones.

Hakuna Matata!!!!!

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