Thank You Sheryl Crow – Mad is How We Should All Feel – “WICKED WOMEN”

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August 4, 2019
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August 7, 2019
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Thank You Sheryl Crow – Mad is How We Should All Feel – “WICKED WOMEN”

Again I have HOPE! Abuse is beginning to be understood. Thank you Sheryl Crow for speaking out as ABUSERS AND THEIR ENABLERS need SHOUTED OUT AND POINTED OUT…to STOP more abuse. Mad is the emotion we should all feel. The flying monkeys, enablers, and devil’s adversaries need to be held accountable as well as the abusers. The attempt to kill me without, so far, killing me, by my ex abuser Richard Zona Jr. and John Paul DeJoria/criminal affiliates has been terrorizing because of their enablers. Every bad man like John Paul DeJoria/criminal affiliates, sending flying monkeys after me, needs exposed. And if we expose the enablers one by one and hold them accountable it makes abuse that much more difficult to pull off. My blog has many purposes but one is to EXPOSE THE FLYING MONKEYS FOR THESE BAD MEN and educate the world of how abuse works. Thank you Sheryl Crow!

~ Sheryl Crow is ‘mad at a lot of people’ over Michael Jackson’s alleged sex abuse

A 10-year-old Safechuck joined Jackson on the road during that tour, where he claims he shared a hotel room with the King of Pop while his parents had another room down the hall. Safechuck alleged that it was on that tour that the abuse started and happened more than 100 times after.

Crow went on to call the allegations against Jackson “like a death in the family, you know? It’s sad.” She said Safechuck “was a great kid and the whole time he was with us — which was the better half of an 18-month tour — I always wondered: ‘What in the world are his parents doing?,’ you know,” she admitted.

Crow, a mom of two sons, was asked if she was suspicious at the time.

“Honestly, I think… ” she started before trailing off then beginning again. “I think that there were a lot of exceptions made because of the damage that [Jackson] … I mean, he didn’t intentionally project it, but it was part of his aura — this almost being untouchable and almost alien-like [figure]. And, yeah, I mean, I’m sad, and I’m mad at a lot of people. I feel like there was just a huge network of people that allowed all that to go on. It’s just tragic~

And let’s just make it “WICKED WOMEN” DAY! Women fighting and rising up for injustice and abuse.

~ Angelina Jolie believes the world ”needs more wicked women”, who ”refuse” to stay in the background and stand up for their own rights.

She added: ”But looking across the world, we have to ask, Why is so much energy expended to keep women in a secondary position? Looked at in this light, ‘wicked women’ are just women who are tired of injustice and abuse.

”Women who refuse to follow rules and codes they don’t believe are best for themselves or their families. Women who won’t give up on their voice and rights, even at the risk of death or imprisonment or rejection by their families and communities. If that is wickedness, then the world needs more wicked women.’

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