Claire Williams – Racing – ROKIT – Aligned Her Family’s Team To The Devil.

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August 2, 2019
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August 4, 2019
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Claire Williams – Racing – ROKIT – Aligned Her Family’s Team To The Devil.

Claire Williams clearly is DESPERATE to rescue her family’s racing team. How desperate is this Englishwoman? Well..let’s just say SO DESPERATE she aligned her family’s team with the DEVIL. She is so DESPERATE she aligned herself and her family’s team with John Paul DeJoria, Jonathan Kendrick, and the ROK BRAND! Is Claire Williams oblivious to John Paul DeJoria’s GANG? Is she oblivious to the stock fraud, criminals, terrorization, legal abuse, and harassment of women by the John Paul DeJoria’s GANG she aligned herself with? She garners no excuses. She is a grown woman and it is not the first time an Englishwoman would abet and aid a MONSTER. Ghislaine Maxwell, devils’s advocate, flying monkey, recruiter of abuse victims, for the monster Jeffrey Epstein, is another Englishwoman that sold her soul to VERY BAD MEN. DESPERATION is no excuse for Claire Williams…………

~ Claire Williams says she will fight with every inch of her being to rescue her family’s team from its current position in Formula One.

Williams’ role is officially deputy principal but she is the defacto boss of the team started her by father, Frank, in 1977. Despite its current struggles it remains one of the most successful teams in the sport’s history, with 114 race victories as well as nine constructors’ and seven drivers’ championships to its name

The team’s current predicament has increased pressure on the current management structure at the team but Williams says her motivation is as strong as ever.

“This is our family’s team, so there is a lot riding on that,” Williams told Racer. “One of the reasons why I took this job was to protect not just my dad’s but my mom’s legacy in this sport. It’s a legacy that we’re enormously proud of. So there’s that pressure.

“And I care very deeply about the reputation of this team, I care very deeply about the people that work for us and I want to make sure that they have a team that they can be proud of and that this team survives for many, many, many years to come in our sport.

“I’m prepared for that and I’ve got my sleeves rolled up and I’m going to fight with every inch of my being in order to achieve what I want Williams to achieve and I won’t give up until I do. I’ll go down fighting if I have to, but I will continue to fight for this team because I believe in it. I believe it has a place in this sport, I believe it still has a very great relevance and it shouldn’t be where it is at the moment ~

She cares about the team’s reputation! Oh boy….I guess Claire Williams is just filled with “RUBBISH”.

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