Happy Friday! Decency Is All Around Me…. :)

John Paul DeJoria – ROK – Accused of FRAUD YET AGAIN – Jonathan Kendrick
August 1, 2019
Claire Williams – Racing – ROKIT – Aligned Her Family’s Team To The Devil.
August 4, 2019
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Happy Friday! Decency Is All Around Me…. :)

Happy Friday…..Ready to HANG, dance, smile, and laugh and have my ONE weekly GIN MARTINI. I write about the indecent, the abusive, the frauds, and the cons, and the WORST PEOPLE IN THE WORLD. HOWEVER my weekends celebrate life and all those that are DECENT in my life! I am a LUCKY WOMAN. After surviving extreme abuse at the hands of my ex Richard Zona Jr., I AM RICH with all the great aspects money gained from FRAUD can not buy. Sometimes it gets dark, evil, and ugly, what I am compelled to report and write about. But have NO FEAR, I, Tracy Zona, know how to live DECENTLY, FULLY, and I sure know how to have FUN. I am GRATEFUL for all the DECENT, really wonderful people in my life. Pinch me, I have so many!

**** It is sickening that Richard Zona Jr. and John Paul DeJoria think they can get away with their indecency….their EVIL, but the world sees their EVIL POWER diminishing!!! Bye….bye….

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