Michael Jones ROK 3D Worked For Harvey Weinstein and John Paul Dejoria – LOW LIFE

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July 23, 2019
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July 26, 2019
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Michael Jones ROK 3D Worked For Harvey Weinstein and John Paul Dejoria – LOW LIFE

You know…I could see it coming weeks ago that Richard Zona Jr. and John Paul DeJoria were going to send in a LOW LIFE again to harass, threaten, abuse, degrade and maybe even worse? I wrote about it happening before it even happened. BUT IT HAPPENED. And I stated I WILL TOLERATE NO MORE OF IT, before Michael Jones ROK 3D contacted me, did his homework on me, terrorized me, and threatened me. I will HAVE NO MORE of what I went through at the hands of John Paul DeJoria’s criminal affiliates since 2017. Their underhanded hits on me I WILL EXPOSE AND TAKE ACTION ON.


*** I AM NOT SURPRISED ONE BIT THAT MICHAEL JONES WITH A LONG HISTORY WITH JOHN PAUL DEJORIA AND JONATHAN KENDRICK, ALSO WORKED FOR HARVEY WEINSTEIN. Just another power money man that intimidates women to silence his criminally charged disgusting behavior. Is this a pattern for Michael Jones ROK 3D to be a fixer for Hollywood, a low life, a wannabe, for men like this?

NO. I will not just move on from being terrorized by Michael Jones/ ROK 3D for nearly two weeks. I have been HIT by these men for over two years.

Lastly we are back to the illegal attempts to log into my blog, as John Paul DeJoria’s criminal affiliates have hacked it before. (CHRISTMAS EVE 2017) Today someone in Haarlem, Netherlands with an IP ADDRESS: attempted to do just that.

**JUST RECEIVED ANOTHER OMINOUS THREAT FROM IP ADDRESS: 2605:e000:6205:bc00:307d:d2bc:cf5:8c02
City Van Nuys
State/Region California
Country Code United States
Postal Code 91404

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  1. Michael Jones says:

    You pushing your luck.

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