Obstruction Of Justice – Intimidation of Accusers and Witness Tampering/Attempts To Silence

In Tears, More Emotional, Physical, and Financial Domestic Abuse – Another MONSTER – Mike Fleiss
July 17, 2019
More Legal Assault/ABUSE by John Paul DeJoria’s Affiliates – Michael Jones ROK 3D
July 18, 2019
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Obstruction Of Justice – Intimidation of Accusers and Witness Tampering/Attempts To Silence

Believe it or not today was a GREAT day for a woman like me. I am encouraged and hopeful for the FIRST TIME in fourteen years. Although I have been threatened, harassed, legally abused, terrorized, abused, and defrauded, REPEATEDLY, as we speak, Michael Jones/ROK 3D an affiliate of John Paul DeJoria’s “GANG” is attempting to silence my voice. He has threatened, harassed, and demeaned me repeatedly and I did not know of him two weeks ago UNTIL HE CAME TO MY FORUM TO DO SO. BUT NOW…he wants to silence my voice. He has contacted anyone he can trying to silence me for a group of bad/criminal men and to hide his face. He is not the first, this crime team has sent many. One after another, in fact, some have even been incarcerated….others have been arrested, thus far. Another woman Carly Singer/Latitude Solutions has been through the same as me, if not worse. Obstruction of justice and using intimidation to silence those that need HELP….from BAD PEOPLE…is FINALLY BEING UNDERSTOOD. How these men work like Jeffrey Epstein with corruption, terror, and intimidation is not being tolerated BY THE COURTS. The prosecutors in the Jeffrey Epstein case have argued his intimidation tactics as a solid reason for not granting bail. FINALLY what I have been through for years is not being tolerated. And even more rejoiceful today, the MONSTER ABUSER R. Kelly, was not granted bail for including the same argument……trying to silence his accusers with intimidation.

~Jeffrey Epstein allegedly hired private investigators and engaged in a campaign of intimidation against accusers in Florida~

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