In Tears, More Emotional, Physical, and Financial Domestic Abuse – Another MONSTER – Mike Fleiss

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July 16, 2019
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July 17, 2019
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In Tears, More Emotional, Physical, and Financial Domestic Abuse – Another MONSTER – Mike Fleiss

INCREDIBLE AND GREAT BREAKING NEWS! R. Kelly a MONSTER ABUSER EXTRAORDINAIRE IS ORDERED TO BE HELD WITHOUT BOND! It is finally being understood. Prosecutors argued “extensive history of obstruction of justice “involving threats.” IT IS A CRIME TO SILENCE SOMEONE WITH THREATS.


Who can STOP the abusive MONSTERS? This recent story of SEVERE DOMESTIC ABUSE I could have written myself fourteen years ago. (AT THE HANDS OF RICHARD ZONA JR.) But instead I am writing it now. Laura Fleiss’s life will be negatively impacted forever because like me, she married the wrong man, an abusive man…..and they believe they own you. Your not a woman, your not a human, they don’t care if your alive or dead, in fact…they prefer you dead if you say no to them and they can get away with it. A monstrous abuser will take your children, your money, your possessions, your life. ALL OF THIS STORY HAPPENED TO ME IN MY SUCCESSFUL ROAD TO HELL ATTEMPT TO ESCAPE DOMESTIC ABUSE. Phone stolen, everything I owned stolen, nearly run over on Mother’s day, with my two young children in the back seat……. the same story of SEVERE DOMESTIC ABUSE happens over and over and over again. Domestic violence has no economic boundaries but it has ONE THING in common. A MONSTER IS INVOLVED. It is the era to expose the MONSTROUS DOMESTIC ABUSERS and keep it no longer a secret. It is horrifying, and traumatic FOR A LIFETIME. My heart breaks again for Laura Fleiss. You can not reason with a monster. Do not try. Do not react to his MONSTROUS nature. He is banking on it that you will. Hoping you will. Make no mistake about it.

Fox News – Laura Fleiss — wife of “Bachelor” and “Bachelorette” creator Mike Fleiss — has been granted a temporary restraining order against him following claims he attacked her at their Hawaii home after he allegedly “demanded” she get an abortion, according to court documents. Per The Blast, which was first to report the news, Laura filed for a domestic-violence restraining order on Tuesday, alleging that on July 4, Fleiss “demanded that I get an abortion” while at their house in Kauai. “Our son Ben was in the house, seated in another room nearby. Mike told me, ‘If you have an abortion, then we can just go back to the way we were,'” Laura alleges in court docs obtained by Fox News. The 2012 Miss America winner also alleges in the docs that during their marriage, Fleiss has “frequently been verbally abusive towards” her, however, in “recent weeks, he has become enraged, due to the fact I am pregnant with our second child.” According to the court docs, Laura claims that on July 4, Fleiss allegedly told her: “I am cutting you off financially Monday morning; You are paying for everything with your money; Next time I see you, I don’t want to see your stomach;’ and ‘You have a choice, you can choose. Have an abortion or go back to Wisconsin, but you are not taking Ben.'”Laura alleges that Fleiss “continued to threaten” her, “demanding to see bank statements showing I paid for an abortion and the flight information to and from Oahu for the medical procedure.” On July 5, Laura claims, Fleiss was “even more angry” than he was the day before. “He continued to berate me,” she alleged, claiming Fleiss called her names, including “low rent gold-digger,” “$50,000 wh–e,” “f–ing c–t” and “stupid “c–t” — all of which Laura alleges he has previously called her. Laura Fleiss further alleges: “I tried to go into another room to call my mother. Mike refused to let me go and made threats that I would lose access to my family and my family’s ability to see Ben. Mike said, ‘You aren’t going to see your mother for the next two-to-three years. You need to call [your mom] right now and tell her this.’ I was terrified. Then he forced me to call my mother from my cell phone while he was standing and watching me in the room. “When I called my mother, Mike then grabbed the phone and began angrily lecturing my mother. He told her I was getting an abortion. Then he said to her, ‘You won’t be seeing [Laura] until after Aug. 5 — after the abortion.’ This statement was especially scary to me, as I had not personally committed to having an abortion but had made an appointment given Mike’s insistence and pressure. I had no idea what exactly he meant by it and interpreted it as a threat that he would prevent my family from having contact with me or my son.” According to the documents, Laura states that Fleiss left that evening to stay at another one of the couple’s homes in Hawaii. The next day, on July 6, Laura says she was in bed with son Ben, who had a cold, when Fleiss returned home looking for her cellphone.”When I got up to leave the room and picked up my cellphone, Mike, who is 6-foot-4 and weighs approximately 220 pounds, forcibly grabbed my phone out of my hands,” she alleged in the court papers. Laura says that she “immediately became concerned and frightened” that Mike would leave with her phone, “stranding me there without it and no access to Ben’s physicians if needed given his bad cold and cough — or any way to contact law enforcement if Mike became violent, as his threats indicated he might. I attempted to grab my phone back from Mike, but I was not able to do so,” she added. She says Fleiss then left the room and she followed him, trying to get her phone back from him. She says the two were at the top of the stairs and he allegedly “yelled that he was going to ‘shove me down the stairs.'” Laura claims she followed him to the home’s front door, “begging” that she needed her phone back.
She then alleges that just before they got outside of the house, Fleiss “grabbed my body, forcibly pinned me up against the wall and held me there. After I broke free, he continued to use his arms and hands to aggressively push me away from him as he walked outside the door, still not returning my phone. Then he walked towards his pick-up truck parked outside in our driveway, shouting ‘I’m going to punch your face in. Laura says the door to the car — which Fleiss hadn’t started yet — was still open and she was standing on the “outside the running board/footstep directly below the driver-side door, which is approximately 12-18 inches off the ground.” “While I was standing on there (between Mike and the open door), Mike put the truck in reverse and began to back up, and firmly said, ‘You’re f–ked,'” she alleged in the docs. “He then stopped the car suddenly, which nearly made me fall off the running board and caused the swinging door to almost close on me. “At this point, Mike forcefully shoved me off of the running board, closed the car door and drove away with my cell phone in his possession,” Laura further alleged.
Laura states in the court papers that she was “extremely traumatized from the incident and started crying hysterically. Our unborn child and I could have been severely injured if I had fallen off the truck’s running board or run over the wheels of the truck. I began to scream for help.” Laura says a neighbor heard her and she asked the individual to drive her and Ben to a friend’s house. The friend then took her to the police station where she filed a police report. Laura says the officer asked her if she wanted to file for an emergency protective order but she “declined as I was fearful that I would further incite Mike and instead told the office I was going to seek safety with my parents in a nearby hotel. I am currently in the process of trying to obtain a copy of this officer’s report.” In her filing, Laura attached photos — she took on July 6 and July 7 — of her injuries which include: “bruises on the inside of my arm, a scratch on my neck, and a large tear in the dress that I was wearing on July 6th,” all of which she alleges “were caused by Mike’s violent behavior on July 6th.”

While married to the monster I wrongly believed in, Richard Zona Jr., I was told I could not read a book at night…but instead was told to endure forced sex every single night as the abuse escalated, as it does. Sexual abuse. Today….instead of reading the book I was forbidden or else I’d suffer more abuse….I have the freedom to write in my blog every night….ten minutes is all I need to let my past abuser…Richard Zona Jr. KNOW HE CAN GO FUCK HIMSELF.

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