Manny King – Michael Jones/John Paul DeJoria Affiliate – Truly “Disgusting”. Julie K. Brown, Vicky Ward – HEROES

Have a Joyous/Peaceful Weekend. Back with the Bears and Buffalo:)
July 12, 2019
Fraud Power Couple John Paul DeJoria and eloise at Silverstone Racing Club While Threatening Me.
July 16, 2019
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Manny King – Michael Jones/John Paul DeJoria Affiliate – Truly “Disgusting”. Julie K. Brown, Vicky Ward – HEROES

First off I hope all my supportive readers had an amazing weekend like me!! My life after surviving, and leaving, horrific domestic abuse, (Richard Zona Jr.), and ALL THE HELL I HAVE BEEN THROUGH……. is VERY WORTH IT. Thank you WORLD!!! With that said while I was away a “DISGUSTING” human being, Manny King, if he exists, and “DISGUSTING” Michael Jones, ROK 3D, bad affiliate of John Paul DeJoria, were up to their threats, intimidation, abuse, harassment, and terror. (It is a pattern as the same happened to Carly Singer/Latitude Solutions, and all those exposing Jeffrey Epstein), First off my suspicion is Manny King and Michael Jones are one in the same. Numerous degrading, low level, threatening emails were sent to my blog. After responding to the first and second, the many more emails left…..I just hit DELETE, DELETE, DELETE.

****BUT LISTEN WORLD. I take their threats and degradation very seriously and act upon it. Let me tell you FOLKS….those involved with John Paul DeJoria and his criminal affiliates are honestly…..maybe….. one of the MOST EVIL ORGANIZATIONS that has EVER existed on the planet earth? This “GANG” affiliated with John Paul DeJoria and my abusive ex Richard Zona Jr., I believe, to maybe be, one of the most EVIL FORCES, that has ever existed in our beautiful world. REMEMBER I SAID THAT. It may not make sense right now….but arrest after arrest is being made and eventually all the dots will be connected. In the meantime low level scum like Manny King, and Michael Jones, ROK 3D, will flap their flying monkey wings at me……they feel power over a surviving, former, abused woman. But like ALL ABUSIVE MEN, they actually have NO POWER, in their receding hairlines, and tiny penises, but their PEA BRAINS make them think they do, when they strike out to degrade a woman telling the TRUTH. They are exposed as “DISGUSTING” as they truly are,

Lastly, I am giving a shout out to admirable and respected heroism and to two woman that have beat the odds. They have been fighting pure EVIL across the country in Florida and New York. The first, is a journalist exposing the “DISGUSTING” story, Jeff Epstein PEDOPHILE, and it has taken her years. I read she had PILES of paperwork/research stacked to the ceiling on her quest to EXPOSE EVIL through her investigative journalism. SHE IS A HERO AND HER NAME IS JULIE K. BROWN. And another HERO JOURNALIST fighting to out the EVIL, Vicky Ward. TWO VERY BRAVE WOMEN FIGHTING FOR GOOD OVER EVIL, LIKE ME. The “DISGUSTING” Manny King and “DISGUSTING” Michael Jones/John Paul DeJoria HATE THE FACT I HAVE MY OWN FORUM. The slithering snakes are hissing and pissing about. Just like the other two journalists I had paper/research stacked to the ceiling before I moved after the first John Paul DeJoria affiliate was incarcerated. ALL MY THOROUGH RESEARCH was stacked high as Julie K. Brown, Vicky Ward, and myself were COMPELLED TO CONTINUE. I believe our constant determination and compelled nature comes from somewhere greater than us. We were meant to EXPOSE THE MOST EVIL. Anyway…KEEP PAYING ATTENTION! The dots to the EVIL puzzle are connecting, until the dominoes ALL FALL DOWN.

Hilarious!. Michael Jones Rok 3D and degrading, threatening emails from a Stacy Murdoch, are ONE IN THE SAME! 2605:e000:6205:bc00:789d:4443:dc1d:a312
All flying monkeys have departed the EVIL John Paul DeJoria but the lowest scumbag above is holding on for dear life! I will have to add to my criminal complaint as he contacted me again. This guy needs to find a woman!!!

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