Edge River Trust – Richard Zona Jr. and Mangy Patricia – BAD NEWS

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July 4, 2019
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July 7, 2019
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Edge River Trust – Richard Zona Jr. and Mangy Patricia – BAD NEWS

Happy Friday…..I am off and traveling for a FUN weekend ahead. But this Friday brings some BAD NEWS. Richard Zona Jr. ( my abusive ex) and his recent mangy wife Patricia, (five previous last names) are as suspected, playing chess with all of us. Yes, he stole massively from me and is in contempt of court. The two are down in Jupiter, Florida proving they never have ANY intention of abiding by the law. They put their cookie cutter home in, The Bluffs in Jupiter, in a TRUST (EDGE RIVER TRUST)! They are out maneuvering EVERYBODY. That’s BAD NEWS for ALL of us, as Richard Zona Jr. continues to play CHESS. It is especially BAD NEWS for Michael Jones/ROK3D/John Paul DeJoria/Gangmember because he sent a legally abusive threatening email, after I requested no contact, stating how much in damages he thinks he can get from me writing THE TRUTH. Well….Michael Jones, you will get actually NOTHING. Richard Zona Jr. STOLE all my money with a GANG of FLYING MONKEYS and has every intention of staying the illegal scumbag, FRAUD, con artist, he is. And NOW he has MANGY PATRICIA as his muse. (I wonder if she licks his a**, as that was a daily sexual demand, of Richard Zona Jr.’s and I suffered greatly for saying NO ?) So we are ALL SHIT OUT OF LUCK, so to speak. ALL OF US even those that have abetted Richard Zona Jr. along the way. ALL OF IT IS EVIL. PLAIN AND SIMPLE EVIL.

P.S. I was encouraged to file a criminal complaint against Michael Jones/ROK 3D and I did. Even with ALL John Paul DeJoria’s money backing him to get me….when someone tells you to not contact them….you are not above the law. And what an ominous threat Michael Jones/ROK 3D made……..

I have to worry about how many more of John Paul DeJoria’s GANGMEMBERS/HIT MEN (so to speak), will continue to come after me. Someone sent Michael Jones/ROK 3D to my blog.

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