June 18, 2019

I Will Not Accept ANYMORE TERROR – John Paul DeJoria/Richard Zona Jr. – Susanville, CA.

I have had ENOUGH TERROR! I will not accept ANYMORE TERROR. Almost a year ago the most terrifying night of my life occurred at the hands […]
June 17, 2019

Dark Secrets – No More –

What a wonderful weekend I had. Yesterday, I had someone tell me I was “glowing” and “my happiness was infectious. I was also told “I was […]
June 16, 2019

This Woman Is Off The Train…

It’s true John Paul DeJoria has a train. Did he buy it with legit money or FRAUD money….I can’t tell you? But this woman, Tracy Zona, […]
June 14, 2019

The Three STOOGES and Duck Duck Go!

The three stooges….One in the Bee Cave, Austin, Texas.(Yes, where John Paul DeJoria lives) One in Marlboro, Ma. And one in S. Florida were all on […]
June 13, 2019

How Long Can eloise DeJoria Maintain THE FRONT? (picture with Lisa Rinna)

I think eloise (purposely uncapitalized) DeJoria will maintain THE FRONT of who they ARE NOT, FOREVER, unless she is taken away kicking and screaming. Holy COW! […]