WOW! Scott Woolley, John Paul DeJoria, and Jordan Zimmerman – Zimmerman Advertising

June 22, 2019
A Plethora of Criminals on My Blog and Tiffany Woolley’s Shoes!!!
June 25, 2019
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WOW! Scott Woolley, John Paul DeJoria, and Jordan Zimmerman – Zimmerman Advertising

WOW! I am dismayed, blown away, by the photo of Scott Woolley (left), John Paul DeJoria (middle devil) and Jordan Zimmerman (right). Let me explain this one! Scott Woolley was a partner of John Paul DeJoria’s, a FREQUENT PARTNER in multiple business endeavors. Scott Wooley WAS ARRESTED this past week on nine counts.

Now lets go back to 2009 when Scott Woolley was a partner in FIVE STAR ENTERTAINMENT with John Paul DeJoria. Five Star Entertainment was a FRAUD.

~Things didn’t go as planned. In the September complaint filed by Woolley and Five Star, Woolley alleges BrandStar never paid him $314,000 in consulting fees, never repaid him a $250,000 advance, and never paid $1.2 million in rent. Even worse, Woolley alleges BrandStar stripped Five Star’s Boca Raton studio, walking out in February with equipment, computers and employees – all unrelated to BrandStar. Among the files removed were those of Paul Mitchell, the Dan Marino Foundation and Alonzo Mourning Charities.~

As it often does, ALOT OF MONEY goes missing wherever John Paul DeJoria is. (Nordaq and more) But if all this happened UNDER SCOTT WOOLLEY’s watch, in 2009, WHY WOULD JOHN PAUL DEJORIA, HIRE HIM to run many of his businesses after that? Money and files go missing THEN you AGAIN hire Scott Woolley to run more business for you……that would be business STUPID…unless your a FRAUD? “Failure by design” my many sources say.

So now it’s 2019 and Scott Woolley is arrested for embezzling money out of another one of John Paul DeJoria’s companies Aubio, on NINE COUNTS. But John Paul DeJoria already knew money and files could go missing just like it did in 2009 with Scoot Woolley and Dan Marino involved. Sneaky snakes these guys are.

And then.. that brings us to Jordan Zimmerman, Zimmerman Advertising. I am saddened to see my college RA being buddies with such awful men with many criminal affiliates, that would terrorize me for many months.(And another woman Carly Singer/Latitude Solutions) Jordan Zimmerman, was always nice to me my freshman year in college. He lived directly across the hall from me in Fontana Hall. He was a ball of energy, a handful, and may not remember, that a fire broke out on our floor and I can credit, Jordan Zimmerman, for making sure myself, and my roommate were safe.

It’s a small world where I grew up in South Florida. I hate seeing Jordan Zimmerman with these two. It’s crazy how they are affiliated with my ex abuser Richard Zona Jr. because of John Paul DeJoria’s multiple criminal affiliates.

HEY! John Paul DeJoria and Jordan Zimmerman….you call yourselves PHILANTHROPISTS? Why don’t you drive on up to Jupiter, Florida and see if you can get my ex abuser Richard Zona Jr. to return my home, my car, my jewelry, all the money he defrauded me of, by signing my name, and ALL THE MONEY that is mine he is in contempt of court for? Do a good deed today! BIG GUYS WITH BIG EGOS, SUCK! SORRY FOLKS ABOUT THE PICTURE, THEIR HEADS, ON TOP OF THEIR SHOULDERS, ONLY, ARE JUST TOO BIG!! Jordan Zimmerman, not that you would ever care, you’ll follow the billionaire boys FRAUD CLUB’s lead, running with RIFF RAFF (UGH), but as a matter of principle I removed you as one of my linkedin connections.

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