This Woman Is Off The Train…
June 16, 2019
I Will Not Accept ANYMORE TERROR – John Paul DeJoria/Richard Zona Jr. – Susanville, CA.
June 18, 2019
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Dark Secrets – No More –

What a wonderful weekend I had. Yesterday, I had someone tell me I was “glowing” and “my happiness was infectious. I was also told “I was beautiful” and I attribute all the compliments to having no more secrets. The trauma I have survived for years upon years I have shared with the world. You SHOULD SEE my blog blowing up….
London, Austin, Houston, Ft, Lauderdale, Orcutt, Ca, Wakefield, Ma, Glasgow, Scotland, Cheshire, Conn….and so many more. Evil like John Paul DeJoria and my ex abuser Richard Zona Jr. only have power over others because of SECRETS. Because OTHERS CHOOSE TO KEEP THEIR SECRETS. I encourage all, even newly arrested Scott Woolley, to not keep John Paul DeJoria’s secrets. I am certain he knows many. John Paul DeJoria has so MANY DEEP DARK SECRETS and Richard Zona Jr. does too. Years ago Richard Zona Jr. could have returned all he stole from me, and revealed his darkest secrets. (What he was doing with the pedophile moving priest Msgr. John Urell, on trips away, and many nights alone with him in the rectory.) For example. And then beg for mercy on his horrific abuse to me. And John Paul DeJoria could have not sat back and watched while his criminal affiliates terrorized me for months. It is the second time he has done so….let his criminal affiliates terrorize a woman. I asked for an apology from the DeJoria’s on my blog….I suffered. An apology never came as their arrogance is damning, for them, not for me. RELEASE THEIR SECRETS, and simultaneously take their power of evil away. Happy Sunday, get my glow……Send them packing by telling the truth and keep NO MORE SECRETS. Love to the world……

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