The Giving Pledge – Bullshit On John Paul DeJoria and Warren Buffett

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May 29, 2019
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May 31, 2019
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The Giving Pledge – Bullshit On John Paul DeJoria and Warren Buffett

ALERT: For the THIRD TIME in a year a business affiliate/ “GANGMEMBER” of John Paul DeJoria’s has been arrested.

I don’t know about you, but the last thing I want is John Paul DeJoria and Warren Buffett playing GOD with this world because they have so much money. I, Tracy Zona, can give a true, honest, BULLSHIT, to both of these men. They say there are six degrees of separation is this world and somehow this survivor of extreme domestic abuse, me, at the hands of my ex husband Richard Zona Jr. has become entwined with these two men. BOTH JOHN PAUL DEJORIA ABETTED ABUSE OF ME AND WARREN BUFFETT LOOKED THE OTHER WAY TO THE SEVERE DOMESTIC ABUSE. You can’t pretend good in a BIG, SPLASHY, GOD LIKE, make believe organization like the GIVING PLEDGE when these two men are members and creator (Warren Buffett). If you only read my blog for two seconds you know John Paul DeJoria’s gang of criminal affiliates have come after at least two women by legally abusing, corruption, terrorizing, harassing, and hacking my blog. You are aware because of my blog the masks John Paul DeJoria wears to cover whom he really is. The Giving Pledge is the most recent mask he is wearing. John Paul DeJoria needs to stop playing GOD with the GIVING PLEDGE when he is the devil.
And then there is Warren Buffett. He touts integrity and honesty foremost but looks the other way when his employees pull off the greatest of frauds. I contacted Warren Buffett and he looked the other way to MY SEVERE DOMESTIC ABUSE. He did nothing. He did not even admonish his employee that still works for him today. Judy Blossom of Berkshire Hathaway, Laguna Beach, helped my abusive ex husband, Richard Zona Jr, defraud me out of my marital home. Judy Blossom and my ex husband sold my marital home without my knowledge. Someone signed my name….one of them. We never quite got to the bottom of it because I was trying to survive the hell a woman goes through when she attempts to leave an abusive relationship. But years later the light bulbs went off as to why my master manipulator, abusive ex husband, was going over to my neighbor, Judy Blossom’s house at night. Were they sleeping together? I wasn’t there and I was happy to be reprieved of the sexual abuse for a few hours or more. Were they plotting the sale of my over a million dollar home? YES THEY WERE! The two of them conspired and my marital home was sold and the money disappeared. I never saw one red cent from the sale of my home. BUT I SURVIVED DOMESTIC ABUSE AND LIVED TO TELL. AND I LIVED TO FIGHT BACK. I let Mr. Warren Buffett know what Judy Blossom did, and for a man that claims integrity, he LOOKED THE OTHER WAY TO THEFT, FORGERY, AND MY HORRIFYING DOMESTIC ABUSE. These men should not be playing GOD with their money. THEY ARE BOTH TINY MEN, AND FROM TRACY ZONA, YOU CAN STICK THE GIVING PLEDGE AND YOUR MONEY UP YOUR ASS! John Paul DeJoria/affiliates abused, harassed, terrorized, legally abused and Warren Buffett just looked the other way. WOMEN FIGHTING FOR THEIR LIVES ESCAPING ABUSE NEED HELP. A LARGE NUMBER OF WOMEN ARE KILLED EVERY SINGLE DAY DUE TO DOMESTIC ABUSE.

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