I Have an Amazing Life! Bitches! Richard Zona Jr.’s Flying Monkeys….Again.
May 24, 2019
I Wish Upon A Star****
May 26, 2019
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Trust Me: I Have A Life!

**~ It’s not what I do, but the way I do it. It’s not what I say but the way I say it**~ MAE WEST

Yes I had my weekly martini tonight. And yes, I danced, we all danced, and had a blast! My re-created life after surviving domestic abuse at the hands of Richard Zona Jr., his flying monkeys, his crime affiliates, his gang affiliates, such as John Paul DeJoria, his con family, and the many desperate women that follow him like the followers of Charles Manson, is filled with amazing moments every single day. I MAKE THAT HAPPEN. The work I do uncovering and exposing this ever growing heap of human trash is fueled with passion…..as I am a passionate woman. I am grateful, I am humbled, WORLD, that you have found me and my daily diary of one woman, me, fighting TOO MUCH EVIL ON MY OWN. THANK YOU WORLD! I MEAN THAT FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY TRUE, TRUE, HEART.

To the flying monkey of the abuser Richard Zona Jr, that has been his flying monkey for thirty years, how pathetic OF YOU to call my family member with intimidation. STAY OUT OF MY AFFAIRS. Use other means to get your desperate needed seek for attention. I am OVERJOYED that I need nothing to do with you in this life again. Ever. You chose many years ago to be evil with an abuser, con, and fraud like Richard Zona Jr. You have NO SAY SO about my life. You mean nothing to me. Your attempt at havoc today WAS POWERLESS.

AGAIN THANK YOU WORLD! All in blue, light and dark, is the map of where my blog was read in the last 24 hours. LOVE! TRACY

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