Tony Robbins A Total FRAUD – Pals – With John Paul DeJoria A Total Fraud

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May 21, 2019
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May 22, 2019
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Tony Robbins A Total FRAUD – Pals – With John Paul DeJoria A Total Fraud

Buzzfeed published a scathing article exposing the TRUE FRAUD nature of Tony Robbins. If it looks like a FRAUD, smells like a FRAUD, and acts like an utter asshole it is a FRAUD. Now here at we will take it one researched stepped further. Of course FRAUDS love FRAUDS and it looks like Tony Robbins and John Paul DeJoria love to feed each others FRAUD egos. John Paul DeJoria says his overused rehearsed line once again “changing the world.”
Of course, Tony Robbins has been accused of sexual harassment and disrespect of women, ESPECIALLY VICTIMS OF ABUSE, the Buzzfeed article exposes this real awful human being. He spends YOUR MONEY on himself. But I have some inside sources and information:

~ He is crazy. He has been kicked off three golf courses and has sex pool parties all the time at Traditions ~
~ Tony Robbins is so cheap. He expects/entitled that everything is free when he comes to speak. No tipping waiters, no water, no heat….. Asshole Alert.~

We need to ask ourselves why we allow FRAUDS to get away with being a FRAUD and we need to out them sooner.

The buzzfeed article’s most important message was about abuse victims and the less than compassionate “give me YOUR million bucks” (Tony Robbins) so I can be a big man and throw sex parties at Tradition, exposes his monster, horrible attitudes towards victims of abuse.

~ Several leading national experts on domestic and sexual violence who reviewed transcripts of Robbins’ private events said berating traumatized women and blaming them for their reactions to abuse is a dangerous strategy.

“It’s not only secondary trauma, but a secondary assault,” said Ruth Glenn, president of the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence. “This behavior from a self-touted self-help expert is just beyond egregious.”

“We are alarmed that he’s using his platform to ridicule victims privately and publicly,” said Jodi Omear, an executive at RAINN, the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network.~

I stopped idolizing FRAUDS years ago when I left my abusive marriage to the giant FRAUD Richard Zona Jr.

And to Tony Robbins, I will talk about it IF I WANT TO. That doesn’t make me a victim it makes me a STRONG WOMAN. And it puts your kind on notice! You and John Paul DeJoria should spend even more time stroking your egos together… sources are yelling “LOCK THEM UP”


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