It”s The Weekend – Off to Xanadu…..

Did John Paul DeJoria Buy Lisa Bloom’s Soul? (Not the First Time) Sketchy Timeline….
May 16, 2019
Paul Mitchell Products – CONTAMINATION – Bocchi Labs – John Paul DeJoria
May 21, 2019
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It”s The Weekend – Off to Xanadu…..

I am very excited for my excursion to Xanadu! The wonderful moments keep me sane, balanced, and grateful to be a survivor of abuse. Xanadu is peace….but I will be back…soon. And I will continue to battle, expose, and call out anyone on my blog that attempts to abuse, harass, or terrorize me. Or anyone IN THE WORLD besides me. Many more FRAUD tales will come…. DO NOT USE PAUL MITCHELL PRODUCTS TODAY OR ANY DAY AS THERE HAVE BEEN MULTIPLE VIOLATIONS AT THE LAB. CONTAMINATION,folks!

eloise DeJoria doesn’t care…..she just keeps cheering and cheering. she thinks if she says ENOUGH “WE ARE WONDERFUL PEOPLE” someone will believe it. I do not believe it….I have done too much research after the attempts to harass, terrorize, and legally abuse me for many months occurred. Just how many people have the DeJoria’s and their affiliates terrorized with similar tactics? I am certain of two……but I believe there is more. Drop me a line, please, if you have experienced the DeJoria and affiliates abuse tactics. Just today I read they hassled, and bullied a victim in Oregon and her family. Of course, not John Paul DeJoria himself, but with his affiliates. More to come…….

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