SAY NO! To Richard Zona Jr. and John Paul DeJoria / Current State of Affairs

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May 12, 2019
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May 15, 2019
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SAY NO! To Richard Zona Jr. and John Paul DeJoria / Current State of Affairs


Today…. 600 illegal log in attempts were made on my website. (To hack it again (?), like it was done, Christmas Eve, 2017.)

Today….. Somerville, Ma., Jalisco, Mexico, and Hamilton, Ontario were ALL on my blog. Hmmmmmm. TELLING.

Richard Zona Jr. is in hiding, and anyone that does his dirty work, as the last thing he EVER wants to do is give me what is LEGALLY mine (financial and coercive abuse), will go down with him. Some already have. In prison they sit. My team knows he is hiding in Jupiter, Fl, as he fled the California coop as the words CON and FRAUD became too well known to steal a buck from anyone. Better victim hunting in Florida? He is probably having five second sex with Patricia, with six last names, ( man to man to man to man to man)…..and believe me I know! His constant attempts at forced sex and sexual abuse in our marriage made sex all the more horrible and a nightmare for the WHOLE FIVE SECONDS it lasted. Richard Zona Jr…..I thought, MAYBE, you would return my jewelry, my car, my marital home, and all you owe me from our legal judgement….. and begin to heal our ripped apart family. Of course you did not. And NEVER will. Someone needs to tell the KING OF NARCISSISTS, Richard Zona Jr. NO. And when you do the fires of hell will come at you. I know that too. Unfortunately.

John Paul DeJoria, I can only speculate. An educated speculation after hours of research on the BIGGEST FRAUD and the BIGGEST FRAUD story in the U.S. He is probably not very happy. Calling people “stupid” and “idiots” are his favorite words when others question him or out him. He hires the legal GUNS first to harass, and terrorize anyone that talks. BUT…. his criminal affiliates made quite a few mistakes coming after me. His FRAUD CHEERLEADER, wife eloise, is probably just moving like a continual shark, cheerleading her way through fundraisers. My best speculation is she is planning her next face lift which will bring her hairline, after so many , to the back of her head. (Right now it’s in the middle.) John Paul DeJoria is probably giving orders left and right, no cell phone or email, he professes, so he can not be tracked, TO GET ME. I speculate that is why Somerville, Ma, Jalisco, Mexico, Hamilton Ontario, and quite a few Italian towns, and seaside towns in Spain are ALL ON MY BLOG.

So this is the state of current affairs. I, would do NOTHING, either of these two men, request you to do! BE SMART. Richard Zona Jr. and John Paul DeJoria, one with a very dysfunctional penis, and the other with a VERY DANGEROUS EGO (Remember in the movie “Scarface” Tony’s ego was so out of control he was a detriment to all ) will PUT YOU IN JEOPARDY. Just LET THESE TWO A HOLES deal with this ONE WOMAN, themselves. DON”T BE THEIR FLYING MONKEY.

*** Is it mysterious, or not, that all the threatening and intimidating emails are all coming into my blog about (fat) Jonathan Kendrick/Rok, John Paul DeJoria’s present affiliate?

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