John Paul DeJoria , Jonathan Kendrick, Richard Zona Jr., and all the Affiliates

Happy Friday! John Paul DeJoria, a “GANGMEMBER” of the Hell’s Angels
May 10, 2019
Bonnie Zeldin Rosen, Judge Michael Naughton, Judge Kira Klatchko, Timothy Ewanyshsyn
May 12, 2019
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John Paul DeJoria , Jonathan Kendrick, Richard Zona Jr., and all the Affiliates

First of all the brat pack was out in FULL FASHION last night. The goings ons and happenings were FUN and quite hilarious…..our group of close friends makes it all worthwhile to leave domestic abuse (at the hands of Richard Zona Jr.) in the dust! My soul and quest to live a wonderful life can NEVER be taken by the horribleness/evilness of the three men above. I GOT THIS***** However, in the last twenty four hours 230 attempts were made to illegally log into my blog. (It was hacked by this crew on Christmas Eve 2017.) And as I write, the STRONG POSSIBILITY of John Paul DeJoria, Jonathan Kendrick, Richard Zona Jr., and more….as they have in the past, could be galvanizing an army of more degenerates to come after me. The entirety of the Hell’s Angels could be set to charge this woman, me, or a full on legal team of corrupt lawyers, as it wouldn’t be my first battle with the tiny, (whoa, not Jonathan Kendrick, huge!), men above. MY SOUL ASCENDS ALL OF THEM! The TRUTH is my blog has reached worldwide epic readership. The frauds, cons, and rats ARE EXPOSED which leaves them powerless. Only secrets and fear give John Paul DeJoria, Jonathan Kendrick, and Richard Zona Jr. their FALSE SENSE OF POWER. I, Tracy Zona, expose it ALL. Thank you my readers…YOU PROPEL ME! I am so GRATEFUL. You have no voice in an abusive relationship….BUT I HAVE FOUND MINE.

**** I woke to 537 emails this morning on my blog….. it was a pleasure to read all of them! Just a couple of emails that MADE MY DAY!

~ I adore you and the work you do exposing the real face and tactics of John Paul DeJoria and his affiliates! ~

~ Tracy, everything you say is true! They both have very deep pockets and their tactic is to drown you in legal fees and threats until you give up. keep up the good work~

HAPPY MOTHERS DAY! To my mother, Theresa,….I honestly believe you are the BEST mother in the world. I miss you Mom, and you don’t have to worry about me anymore! Have peace and joy with Dad…. (my father died just five weeks after my Mother from heartbreak)

And kids, everywhere….always treat your mother with love and respect. Even if your father teaches you to ABUSE. FIGHT BEING THAT MAN!

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