Bonnie Zeldin Rosen, Judge Michael Naughton, Judge Kira Klatchko, Timothy Ewanyshsyn

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May 12, 2019
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May 15, 2019
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Bonnie Zeldin Rosen, Judge Michael Naughton, Judge Kira Klatchko, Timothy Ewanyshsyn

The list is growing of judges and attorneys stealing abuse victims lives and children in family courts. The State Bar of Ca is a large part of the horrific issue of re-abusing domestic abuse victims. THE STATE BAR OF CA ALLOWS THIS TO HAPPEN TO ABUSE VICTIMS IN THEIR COURTS. (ANN J. KIM is responsible) Abuse victims that are fighting for their lives, their children’s lives, what they are legally entitled to, well, the list is growing on THEIR “DEMEANOR.” It is Mother’s Day and my heart is breaking for yet another woman caught in this “TWILIGHT ZONE” of horror and evil. Honestly folks, I can’t write it anyway but such. It is evil! And sometimes I feel like Dorothy just trying to go home. The list is growing of these courtroom villains in cahoots. NO WONDER! Judge Kira Klatchko “wanted my blog down.” My mother’s day email……………

`I had the unfortunate experience to go I’m front of this HORRIBLE and NARCISSISTIC dishonorable Kira Klatchko as well. I lost custody of my son to our abuser, my son’s father, WHILE in hiding in domestic violence shelters after fleeing the abuse. Klatchko twisted everything around that I said and even had the audacity to tell me I ABDUCTED my son and am alienating him from his father. She also said I am completely discredited about the abuse and that I made it up!

Now my child continues to suffer at the mercy of his abusive father even though I took the proper steps to protect him.

Also, my ex had an atty Timothy Ewanyshyn who I believe is in bed with Klatchko and knows she sides with abusers and criminals. This atty himself is a nutjob if you Google him. He has a vendetta against victims of domestic violence. Indio court is sick and corrupted.

I hope it’s true she is no longer in Family Court where she never had any business being in anyway. She needs to be removed as a judge PERIOD. She is so biased and evil that narcissistic cunt.

The day she ordered my child into the sole custody of his father with supervised visits for me, I told Kaltchko she had no idea what she was doing andI left the courtroom crying my eyes out. I’m sure that gave her narcissitc self much pleasure. What she does is criminal and dangerous ruling in this manner. I don’t even know if I’ll ever see my child again. I raised him for most of his life with his father mostly out if the picture and now he gets sole custody. It’s the twilight zone.

I’ve since moved out of state and don’t even know where to begin to fight for my son back in my protective custody.~


  1. A victim of Klatchko says:

    Kira Klatchko should be taken off the bench, She is evil

    • Tracy Zona says:

      Positively, one hundred percent EVIL. You can’t imagine the EVIL sinister judgement she committed on me. However, what she truly wanted was my blog down…..and SHE LOST:) I encourage you to write to Bill Barr at the U.S DOJ and contact the F.B.I. in Palm Springs.

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