Happy Friday! John Paul DeJoria, a “GANGMEMBER” of the Hell’s Angels

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May 9, 2019
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May 12, 2019
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Happy Friday! John Paul DeJoria, a “GANGMEMBER” of the Hell’s Angels

Happy Friday everyone! I must admit I indulged in my one per weekend martini Thursday night. What a blast we had… very smart talk and laughs. (Three very successful businessmen and two ladies, one even owning a MUCH BETTER Tequila company than Patron.) This martini, my new fave, is BOTANIST GIN AND VIOLETTE’ (AVIATION!). NOTHING BACARDI, EVER, due to THEIR ALLIANCE WITH THE “GANGMEMBER” John Paul DeJoria. And speaking of “GANGMEMBER” John Paul DeJoria……he boasts of being a HELLS ANGEL. BOASTS.…..so I have been doing some research due to the fact my overseas team can see some world wide goings on that are very questionable? Now, I didn’t write this research….. SO HELL’S ANGELS don’t come after me! I am just QUOTING it from other writers as again, I am not the HELLS ANGELS problem. THE REAL PROBLEM IS JOHN PAUL DEJORIA AND RICHARD ZONA Jr., ARROGANTLY NOT ACCEPTING THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE HARASSMENT, TERROR, HACKING OF MY BLOG, ABUSE, LEGAL ABUSE, and CORRUPTION that I have been subjected to over fourteen years.

~ It also seems possible that a new player may be on the scene in Hamilton, Ontario looking to take control. Perhaps a rival Ndrangheta mafia clan from Ontario or elsewhere that sensed weakness in the region and decided to step in and take advantage. Could a criminal organization outside of the Italian Mafia like the powerful Hells Angels biker gang also have a hand in things as they also try to take advantage of the current instability? It may be a combination of different factions that have formed new alliances and want to change the landscape of organized crime across Canada in the Post Vito Rizzuto era. While there isn’t enough information to support any one of these theories at the moment it doesn’t change the fact that any one of them could still be proven correct.~

~Today, outlaw motorcycle gangs are sophisticated organizations who utilize
their affiliation with a motorcycle club as a conduit for criminal
activity. The nature of their activity is generally conspiratorial, and
their goals are attained through use of violence and intimidation. Because
of their expertise in sophisticated weaponry and their international
intelligence networks, outlaw motorcycle gangs pose a formidable threat to
society in general and specifically to law enforcement.~

~ Numerous police and international intelligence agencies classify the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club as a motorcycle gang and contend that members carry out widespread violent crimes, including drug dealing, trafficking in stolen goods, and extortion, and are involved in prostitution.~

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