Richard Zona Jr. Needs To Be Held Accountable for Years of Domestic Abuse

Richard Zona Jr. and John Paul DeJoria WILL BRING THE HOUSE DOWN
April 29, 2019
By Golly! Judge Rhesa Hawkins Barksdale, Judge Leslie H Southwick, and Judge Catharina Haynes
May 2, 2019
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Richard Zona Jr. Needs To Be Held Accountable for Years of Domestic Abuse

Richard Zona Jr. my abuser, and all abusers need to be held accountable. Until that happens domestic abuse cycles will continue through families and for generations. A woman needs HELP against her abuser and in twenty years of abuse I have never received any help from anyone. Flying monkeys, help the abuser. Police, judges, and attorneys take advantage of the victims vulnerabilities and financial restraints due to the unbalance of power in these relationships. It is a SICK life being entwined with a man like Richard Zona Jr. If my life has been made a PERFECT EXAMPLE of the EVIL of domestic abuse then I will let that example be shared around the world. Richard Zona Jr. needs to be held accountable for his contempt of court. Richard Zona Jr. needs to be held accountable for my blog being hacked, my jewelry stolen, my car stolen, my marital home stolen, and the terror and harassment of me via others. Richard Zona Jr. should also be held accountable for the sexual abuse that was horrific. My life, Tracy Zona’s LIFE, is a perfect example of domestic abuse.

~It’s easy to think that the woman is free to leave at any time, and therefore she is choosing to be abused by staying. The reality is quite different. Ending an abusive relationship is only the first round of a boxing match with a blind referee against a heavyweight whose appetite for inflicting pain is never satisfied. (Thirteen years after I left Richard Zona Jr. and his flying monkeys never stop. He needs held accountable.)

The woman risks everything, even her life and the custody of her children, when she leaves. She’ll never stop looking over her shoulder. She alone knows what he is capable of because she’s seen the ruthless violence that he saves for when they are behind closed doors. In public, he is very charming and no one will believe he is capable of doing what she says he’s done. She’ll look crazy. ( I risked everything and I lost EVERYTHING. And I look over my shoulder every minute.)

The abuser will make the woman pay a steep price for her freedom. When she leaves, he will escalate the violence and abuse. He will call her night and day. He will tell lies to her family and friends. He will destroy her possessions. He will talk to her about all the ways he can take revenge, how no one will believe her, and how he always wins. ( Richard Zona Jr. did this in maniac mode.)

What she does after she leaves will not be based solely on protecting her rights or doing what is right for her. Rather, every single decision she makes will be agonizingly weighed against what the retribution will be from him. If I file for divorce, will he kill me? If I file for custody because he’s abusing the children, will he try to get sole custody or falsely accuse me of child abuse? If I file for a protection from abuse order, will it only enrage him more? (My LIFE is a perfect example of this. Tragically.)

He’ll use the courts to continue his abuse. Instead of fearing being beaten when she gets home, she’ll be afraid of being hit with more court motions. Our judicial system will allow him to make the divorce or custody process a living nightmare. He will delay the process, or bring frivolous motions. He won’t answer her lawyer’s letters, and he’ll send dozens of his own. He will force her to use up what little money she may have fighting him in court over the simplest matters while the referee stands idly by doing nothing. (Along with attorney Bonnie Zeldin Rose, Judge Michael Naughton, Judge Kira Klatchko and more. They need held accountable too.)

Or, worst of all, he will take her children away despite overwhelming evidence of his abuse toward them. (YEP)

Is it any wonder she is having a difficult time leaving?

Now imagine a society that holds him accountable for his abuse. The referee doesn’t just cry foul, but prevents the boxing match from even taking place. The abuser is arrested and prosecuted every time he violates a protection from abuse order or doesn’t uphold his end of a custody agreement. Custody evaluators and judges believe disclosures of abuse from children, and she isn’t afraid of losing custody for protecting her children. She doesn’t lose everything she owns to break free; marital assets are split fairly. He is ordered to an abuser program for at least one year, and preferably longer.

**** Yesterday my blog was read around the world the MOST it’s ever been read in one day! Somerville, Ma. your back. Wolverhampton, England… made your choices. IF MY LIFE IS THE PERFECT EXAMPLE OF DOMESTIC ABUSE THE WORLD IS GOING TO KNOW ABOUT IT.


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