Governor Greg Abbott. I Hope He Doesn’t Help John Paul DeJoria Out of His FRAUD Mess?

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April 23, 2019
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April 27, 2019
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Governor Greg Abbott. I Hope He Doesn’t Help John Paul DeJoria Out of His FRAUD Mess?

Greg Abbott during opening day of the 84th Legislative Session on January 13, 2015

NEWS ALERT: For the THIRD TIME in a year a business affiliate/”GANGMEMBER” of John Paul DeJoria’s has been arrested.

First of all….thank you all for visiting my website. The last couple days the readership is off the charts. I do not soften the truth or try to speak like a psychologist. I unfortunately have lived the HELL of marrying a psycho abuser, Richard Zona Jr., and my experience is that I lived and I survived. My domestic abuse truth is entwined with cons, fraud, and crime as that is the family, friends, and affiliates of Richard Zona Jr. As I am writing I am watching someone in San Clemente reading my blog and they used to try and conceal themselves. Lol. John Paradise of Paradise Automotive Group, San Juan Capistrano, Ca. is that you? ( A dispicable man that has been felon charged, a former crack addict and addicted gambler, the brother in law of Richard Zona Jr. and the man that came in my home and took my car while I was sleeping to aid the abuser Richard Zona Jr. in abusing me and stealing from me.)

In the meantime just today, it also looks like John Paul DeJoria is communicating with his “GANG” and keeping me on their radar because men do not like women that have a voice, or simply tell the TRUTH…especially when they are up to NO GOOD. So I want to welcome Vienna, Vienna, San Clemente, Ca, Hamilton, Ontario, and Capo D’Orlando, Sicily to my blog today. Trust me DOES NOT CONCEAL YOU!

And lastly….I really hope Governor Greg Abbott in Texas, a good ole boy of “GANGMEMBER” John Paul DeJoria does not do ANYTHING CORRUPT to get him out of that Latitude Solutions FRAUD in Texas? Be careful, those photo ops with facelift, wifey, eloise DeJoria, may cost YOU your integrity and reputation. Or more. Dance with the devil and you end up in HELL. Or incarcerated in Maryland.

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