Ferriswheel Friday…. Scumbag of the Week – Michael Avenatti

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April 11, 2019
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Ferriswheel Friday…. Scumbag of the Week – Michael Avenatti

It has felt like a ferris wheel the last few weeks. Having the ferris wheel feeling feels like abuse. It does not feel good. It does not feel peaceful. It does not feel stable. It is ferris wheel friday and I have stepped off the ride. But it is Friday and that is a good thing. Unfortunately, so many dirt bags still roam the earth.
And I need to write about them. Expose them. Stop them. Oh…..it will be coming as I promise MUCH MORE exposure about John Paul DeJoria. HIS REAL DEAL. He is bringing so much attention to his REAL DEAL and that is not a good thing for his affiliates and his criminal affiliates. Because more will suffer the downfall as some already have. And Richard Zona Jr, my former abuser, has yet to do the right thing. Have a good night but let’s close out ferris wheel friday by naming the scumbag of the week:

Michael Avenatti!

What he did to his clients is criminal and similar to what Bonnie Zeldin Rosen did to me. To steal from his paraplegic client is one of the most disgusting human acts imaginable. Michael Avenatti hopefully will rot in jail. He lived in Newport Beach, CA and had a fake wife and a fake life. I know his type. A fake, a fraud, a thief, a criminal. I once lived a life like that in the OC, and I will never regret leaving it. My life in the OC was topped off with domestic abuse at the hands of Richard Zona Jr. I wrote a book about the fakes and frauds I lived next door too.

Have a wonderful Friday…..I am off the ferris wheel and my Friday felt nice.

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