Gaurav Srivastava – Veecon Rok – What Is He Thinking?

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April 9, 2019
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April 13, 2019
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Gaurav Srivastava – Veecon Rok – What Is He Thinking?

Gaurav Srivastava of Veecon Rok is just another man choosing to become an affiliate of John Paul DeJoria’s. The team is beginning the research on him. You wonder why any man would choose to do business with John Paul DeJoria with his long history of doing business with criminals? And his history of his affiliates terrorizing women. Surely, before doing business with anyone, I would do thorough research to make certain I wasn’t affiliating with crooks. So far, the team has located only one lawsuit for him. But it looks like we must go deeper and I will keep you posted on our findings. It is my opinion, I am skeptical, as he uses John Paul DeJoria’s favorite fraud line that their product “will revolutionize” not only the world, people, BUT THE UNIVERSE. (LOL) Then poof, the business fails, if it even existed, and all the investors lose their investment. And then….instead of “revolutionizing” the UNIVERSE, John Paul DeJoria puts the money in his pocket and says sue me – I’m a “GANGMEMBER”. (Virtual Piggy, Latitude Solutions, Moroccan Fiasco, Five Star Entertainment, Nordaq and more) Hey world, let’s keep a very close watch on Veecon Rok and Gaurav Srivastava!

**It is not o.k. that “GANGMEMBER” John Paul DeJoria’s Latitude Solutions and Virtual Piggy team terrorized me for over a year with my ex abusive husband Richard Zona Jr.


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