Monster Richard Zona Jr. and His Rubbish

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April 1, 2019
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April 4, 2019
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Monster Richard Zona Jr. and His Rubbish

There he is folks…. the tiny man on the right with a fake toothy smile to match his fraudulent nature. He is a fraud, a con, and a horrific domestic abuser. WHATEVER YOU DO, DO NOT HELP HIM. Since some of his criminal affiliates went down, while helping him, abuse, legally abuse, harass, terrorize, hack my blog, and continue coercive control of me, it is a warning…. DO NOT HELP HIM. He is a narcissist seeking suckers as I write. Both he and John Paul DeJoria are left alone, two tiny men, trying to get SOMEONE, ANYONE to come after me some more. He is capable of ANYTHING. I know. He stole everything I earned, from me. He has my court ordered money, he has my jewelry, and he took my car, while abusing me to horrific extent. He used his brothers social security number and ruined his credit. He defrauded another brother who wanted away from him. He WILL sign your name without a blink of an eye. He has lifelong friendships and business relationships with CRIMINALS. HE WILL CHEAT YOU ANYWAY HE CAN. He will also tell you “he is a man of God.” Richard Zona Jr. distorts that truth just like an atypical narcissist. He used to spend many evenings at St. Catherines Church in Laguna Beach with the pedophile moving priest, Monsignor Urell. (One can only imagine what they were doing, rumours were rampant) Richard Zona Jr. gave the pedophile moving priest John Urell, an expensive watch during our marriage. AGAIN HE IS CAPABLE OF SAYING AND DOING JUST ABOUT ANYTHING TO CHEAT YOU.

****If your a CREEP OR SCUMBAG…Richard Zona Jr. and John Paul DeJoria will find you and use you to do their dirtywork.

P.S. Since I left Richard Zona Jr. and his theft, fraud, and abuse of me, and survived all by myself, I must say… since that day, I have met nothing but good, caring, and love filled human beings. I am now over the rainbow from the parking garage in Dana Point he enjoyed his attempts at horrific abuse. I hate when the memories hit me like tonight.

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