ROKiT – Another Hokey, Fraud of John Paul DeJoria’s? Most Definately.

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March 25, 2019
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March 28, 2019
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ROKiT – Another Hokey, Fraud of John Paul DeJoria’s? Most Definately.

Here we go again! Well just last week John Paul DeJoria was revolutionizing “rotten tomatoes.” (Mastronardi Produce) Today he and his rotund partner Jonathan Kendrick did a splashy event for ROKiT. If I were you I wouldn’t give these rotten scoundrels ONE DIME. First of all feel free to google the name changes and lawsuits, with ROK and ROKiT. Not to mention the very LONG HISTORY of John Paul DeJoria’s FRAUDS and the very bad and criminal affiliates he chooses to do business with. ( Virtual Piggy, Latitude Solutions, ReNew Logic, Five Star Entertainment, Nordaq, Morroccan Oil Deal, and so many more.) Of course a consistent repetitive verbage is used on all his FRAUDS: He is “changing the world.” ” Helping society, giving back.” Here we go again with ROKiT!

When was the last time a mobile phone seemed like it could change the world for the better?

ROKiT is on a mission to do just that. At the official launch of the company’s line of mobile phones, DeJoria and Kendrick took the stage at LA’s Downtown Independent theater to share their vision for fundamentally changing the way we interact with our smartphones — and how they hope to improve the lives of billions of people, in the process.

Such bullshit…I’ll stick with Apple thank you. (Proven history not proven FRAUD) The only advantage of ROKiT is to eloise, John Paul DeJoria’s wife and fraud cheerleader, as it can buy her self ANOTHER facelift. She HAS TO STOP. Her skin has been pulled so tight her lips do not move when she speaks.

Yep…I am MAD and should be…see I know ALL about John Paul DeJoria’s FRAUDS and his criminal affiliates as they hacked my blog, terrorized, harassed, and legally abused me for over a year. Just a couple weeks ago I was intimidated that I should “go find a nice man.” “I know where you live.” “I know you have a dog.” ” I know about your family and friends.”

Give your money to someone other than these two, they do not need it, and it’s just the thrill of the FRAUD.. And if these phones even exist, tell the two, to stick ROKiT up their A**! You would be changing the world for the better if you did…….

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