Similarities Between FRAUD Elizabeth Holmes/Theranos and FRAUD John Paul DeJoria

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March 20, 2019
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March 21, 2019
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Similarities Between FRAUD Elizabeth Holmes/Theranos and FRAUD John Paul DeJoria

Wow! Lotsa fraud being exposed…..This women actually played games with people’s health on her quest of being a successful FRAUD. As I have been telling my story of abuse entwined in fraud, and then I read hers, I could not believe the similarities between Elizabeth Holmes and John Paul DeJoria and the way they conduct billions in FRAUD. As I have said before while they raise money from investors the companies barely exist or are completely non existent. I HOPE SHE USES HER BARITONE FAKE VOICE IN PRISON. I’m sure at one time she felt herself “too insulated” to be arrested just like the information from my sources that John Paul DeJoria and his p***y sellout wife eloise feel “too insulated.” So here are the similarities the TWO FRAUDS HAVE IN COMMON!

**** Neither one is particularly attractive, both awkward, both have crazy psycho eyes. Wannabes.
**** Both believe their own lies and have no conscience.
**** Both have connections to ARKANSAS.
**** Both have connections to Houston, Texas.
**** Both used the phrases their company “will change the world.” And none of them EVER DID.
**** Both used the phrase they will “revolutionize” in Elizabeth’s fraud she was going to “revolutionize healthcare.” John Paul DeJoria is “revolutionizing ” PRODUCE, at this moment. ( Mastronardi Produce )
**** Neither one put not much or any of their own cash but USED other people’s money.
**** Both treated their employees like shit.
**** Both treated the opposite sex like shit. Elizabeth, her employee that committed suicide, and John Paul DeJoria, me and Carly Singer, that I’m aware of, that worked for his BIG FRAUD Latitude Solutions.
**** Both use legal abuse and intimidation to silence others like John Paul DeJoria’s affiliates did to me.
**** Elizabeth Holmes had Tyler Schultz, with integrity, standing up to her frauds, and John Paul DeJoria has ME!
**** Both surrounded themself with nepotism, Elizabeth, her brother, and John Paul DeJoria, his daughter Alexa.
**** Both concocted stories of their lives that are pretty darn much BULLSHIT.

I have a problem with FRAUDS, the same problem I have with ABUSERS. They play on the hearts and souls of good people.

Looks like Elizabeth Holmes and John Paul DeJoria went to the same school of ENLARGED FRAUD. I gotta wonder if it is in Arkansas?

Someone in Ann Arbor, Michigan attempted to illegally log into my blog today and Mastronardi Produce happens to have a location there. You teamed up with a snake, John Paul DeJoria, live with yourself!

Has anyone seen the FRAUD DOMESTIC ABUSER, LITTLE Richard Zona Jr., my ex husband, whom is affiliated with John Paul DeJoria?

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