Sunday Funday! Let’s Chat About eloise DeJoria – Purposely Uncapitalized. Class A SELL OUT.

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February 22, 2019
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February 26, 2019
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Sunday Funday! Let’s Chat About eloise DeJoria – Purposely Uncapitalized. Class A SELL OUT.

What a weekend of BIG LOVE and CARE as I am so grateful and positive about my good fortune of surviving domestic abuse at the hands of my ex abuser Richard Zona Jr. Let’s chat today about eloise DeJoria. Women exist, in the world of abuse, that support and try to cover for very bad men. I have discussed so many women that will sell out their gender for whatever they can. This is the week of women. I will rehash the women that have helped Richard Zona Jr. abuse, steal, commit forgery, and fraud on me, the mother of his children. Honestly, it is even a bigger disappointment than the men that behave atrociously….a woman sell out. Everyone is judged by their actions, not words. And in the case of eloise DeJoria her words are a far cry from her actions. She spouts the words of “love”, “changing the world”, “saving the waterways.” and dances and flits about with the tightest pulled skin of any 60 plus woman I have ever seen. However, her husband John Paul DeJoria has multi lawsuits of FRAUD. John Paul DeJoria and his criminal business associates and friends have terrorized, harassed, legally abused, and corruptly attacked at least two women, (Myself, and Carly Singer/Latitude Solutions), that I am presently aware of. Does she look the other way? She has a responsibility not to act so STUPID at 60 plus? HER ACTIONS DO NOT MATCH HER WORDS. Tracy Zona is owed an apology, not a denial from eloise DeJoria. In my view she has denied WHAT HER HUSBAND IS FOR FAR TOO LONG. But someone has to pay for that skin being pulled too tight!!!

*** SHOUT OUT TO MY EVER INCREASING CANADIAN READERS! THANK YOU….. Winnipeg, Manitoba, Toronto, Ontario, Vallee-Jonction, Quebec, Saint-Roch-de-l’Achigan, Quebec, Oak Bluff, Manitoba, Mississauga, Ontario, Lillooet, British Columbia, Cobourg, Ontario, Caledon, Ontario, Camrose, Alberta.

*** Next time a shout out to the ever increasing England readers, and Brasil!

*** At the non capitalization of a name is a symbol of disrespect for those that look the other way on abuse, fraud, forgery, and theft. And then…use ANY MEANS TO SILENCE A VICTIM OF IT. I deserve an apology from these people. But decency is not how these people work. I WENT THROUGH NINE MONTHS OF TERROR.

*** I have to wonder if a good portion of my story being in the hands of Dylan Howard, American Media, is a good thing or not? He’s not to trustworthy, although I wish he was.

*** I actually thought about setting the featured image of eloise as her biggest sell out in life was some truly rude images and the selling of her p***sy. But I couldn’t allow the DeJorias to make me stoop so low. But the images are available and are there for the whole world to see! You can google them under eloise Broady if you so choose. SHE IS A SELL OUT!

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