Go Fbi! – A Day of Reckoning – Richard Zona Jr. and Patricia Zona….Will Your Day Come?

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February 22, 2019
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February 24, 2019
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Go Fbi! – A Day of Reckoning – Richard Zona Jr. and Patricia Zona….Will Your Day Come?

Today is a day of reckoning for victims of abuse! Victims speaking out is finally beginning to make a difference. A website such as mine is important to warn others and then the abusers, fraudsters, and cons are shut down. We are being heard. Even if I never get my day, the world is changing. R. Kelly was charged with aggravated sexual abuse in Chicago today. (What took so long?) And the owner of the New England Patriots, Robert Craft, was arrested in a human trafficking sting operation. It doesn’t matter how much money or power these men had, corruption power, justice was served. I was not a wife to my sexual abuser, Richard Zona Jr., I was a financial hostage, a sex slave, and an emotionally battered woman. And now Richard Zona Jr. has an accomplice. Patricia Meyers Zona. These two live off my court appointed money and all my abuser Richard Zona Jr. holds today to continue coercive control. Take a good look as they have had thirteen years to redeem themselves. Instead they recruited their fraud and criminal affiliates, associated with John Paul DeJoria, to aid and abet them. Today is a day of reckoning and justice, although not for me, it feels good. Happy Friday! I’m off to enjoy it!
**** Welcome Canadians you are sure blowing up my blog! Please contact me and make me aware who communicated to you about my blog, without a computer? I can see where you are…Thanks for visiting. Hi Langley Township, and Montreal to name a few!


  1. Pierre Mareuil says:

    I came across this today after having a very strange interview in Cleveland, Ohio with a company called TPI Efficiencies which is owned by a Richard Zona. I interviewed with a guy who claims to be Matthew Malaney, however, upon doing some digging I have discovered all of Mr. Malaney’s social media offering are all less than 1 year old, and some only posting the same photo repetitively. I realized upon leaving that I had provided all of my personal information, so now, I am feeling that I may be entangled in something evil. Is the TPI Efficiencies Richard Zona, one in the same with the man you have described?

    • Tracy Zona says:

      I looked into it and it does appear scammy. However, it is owned by a Roger Zona. Not Richard Zona so the EVIL is not one in the same. Richard Zona is a man nearing sixty, with a mouth full of very fake looking teeth, it is not the same man.

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