Dylan Howard – American Media – National Enquirer

Strange Coincidences? Intimidation? John Paul DeJoria? Work On You!
February 19, 2019
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February 20, 2019
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Dylan Howard – American Media – National Enquirer

I have had multiple communications with Mr. Dylan Howard of American Media. We communicated briefly multiple times about my story. I had a lack of trust for him…..if you don’t know, he bought victims stories and then killed them for Harvey Weinstein. His reputation caused me caution and I even told him ” I don’t trust you.” I had a vision of how my story should be told, which is many women’s stories throughout history. He produces documentaries, to his credit, about women, for instance Natalie Wood, but I have to be careful, in that, the issue of domestic abuse is serious. I actually have not seen his documentary on Natalie Wood, but I am guessing, he left out her purported violent rape, and the domestic abuse that many believe ultimately claimed this stunning woman’s life. Mr. Dylan Howard is well aware of the TRUTH I am exposing about John Paul DeJoria and eloise. Not the WHOLE story but certainly the gist of it. I TOLD HIM the masks need ripped off and the TRUTH EXPOSED. Lo and behold…..I see the cover this week on the National Enquirer about the OTHER BILLIONAIRES. Copycat are you Mr. Howard? Hmmmm….I would not KILL any story for money. I tell it like it is, even with intimidation and fear. They call it “catch and kill.” You will always hear the truth here at GIRLONFIRE. I trust myself, Mr. Howard. That’s part of the successful survival of domestic abuse. TRUST YOURSELF. TRUST YOUR INSTINCTS. BE WHO YOU ARE. DO NOT DOUBT WHAT YOU CAN ACCOMPLISH.

***And guess what the master fraud John Paul DeJoria is doing this week?….boo hoo hoo…giving sad interviews about “Billionaires becoming a dirty word.” Crying John Paul DeJoria now. I’m not feeling too sorry for him after nine months of terror at the hands of his criminal affiliates. Boo f*cking hoo!

**BTW…I had something very cool happen to me today. Very cool. I’m not going to divulge it quite yet. But it’s big. SHHHH. It involves my blog being linked to news around the world. We don’t want John Paul DeJoria’s (Ray Donovonsesque fixers) to get wind of it quite yet! It’s….just about too late.

**Dylan Howard American Media you really should learn to trust a woman. I hope it’s not your downfall. I mean that.

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