Strange Coincidences? Intimidation? John Paul DeJoria? Work On You!

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February 15, 2019
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February 20, 2019
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Strange Coincidences? Intimidation? John Paul DeJoria? Work On You!

I am a lady. I deserve to be treated, as such. In the past five days I have been demeaned, emotionally abused, intimidated, and as I said before I live in fear and in continual survival mode. If I was asked, is there someone that wants to stop you, silence you, or hurt you, who comes to mind? Hmmm. John Paul DeJoria as his crime affiliates came after me for nine months straight. I have been legally abused with five attorneys, and corruptly gagged me. I have been terrorized. In the last few days I have received some intimidating messages telling me to STOP. FIND A NICE MAN. And what will GOD think of me? THEY KNOW WHERE I LIVE. THEY KNOW I HAVE A DOG. And they mention my flesh and blood. (As if they have a direct link to God through stock fraud, crime, and terrorizing women.) Today I had an issue with my blog that was corrected swiftly overseas. Coincidence? As every day a minimum of 70 attempts occur to log in. It has been hacked before by this crime wave. My guess is it all is at the hands of John Paul DeJoria, “GANGMEMBER”, (CARLY SINGER/ LATITUDE SOLUTIONS – terrorized, sexually harassed, and corruptly instituted…it’s happened before) because the only other human being it could be is my ex abusive husband Richard Zona Jr. but he is in hiding from all his theft. Yes, Richard Zona Jr. is hiding behind his black widow wife. I am nearly certain John Paul DeJoria, ordered and hired a loser to intimidate me, for less than minimum wage, (read the lawsuit as the DeJoria’s do not like paying minimum wage). I am a lady. I deserve to be treated much better than this EVIL gang of thieves have treated me. I AM ONLY TELLING THE TRUTH! It’s Monday and my blog readership is up 270%. My blog is exploding in Europe…. welcome. India. Welcome. England. WOW! Welcome. Vienna, and West Covina, regulars! Even if you can find that Bogarts Gin……don’t poison yourself with it. You can’t TRUST anything with John Paul DeJoria and his crew! Fresh blogs arriving all week! Stay tuned.


  1. Anonymous says:

    I adore you and the work you do exposing the real face and tactics of John Paul DeJoria and his affiliates!

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