Who Is Jonathan Kendrick – Rokit? Do Not Invest In Anything Rokit. (GOOD ADVICE)

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February 6, 2019
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February 9, 2019
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Who Is Jonathan Kendrick – Rokit? Do Not Invest In Anything Rokit. (GOOD ADVICE)

UPDATE: It is now July 26, 2020 and John Paul DeJoria and his GOONS have been after me for three years. This morning they enlisted Michael Jones/Rok 3D /Harvey WeinsteinCOmpany to come after me again. Michael Jones has threatened me multiple times just as he probably did for Harvey Weinstein. This morning they tried everything they could for me to remove an image of Jonathan Kendrick so he can continue to SWINDLE without face recognition. This image is the closest to Jonathan Kendrick I could find. And if you GOOGLE him with the EVIL John Paul DeJoria you may not be able to distinquish. 🙂

ALERT: It is the THIRD TIME in a year a business affiliate/”GANGMEMBER” of John Paul DeJoria’s has been arrested.

I am working on finding out just who Jonathon Kendrick is? My unexpected research on stock fraud, entwined with abuse in the last year and a half at times seems overwelming and never ending. As a source on proton mail told me “John Paul DeJoria’s wheel of stock fraud is in continual motion.” Since Virtual Piggy/REGO and Latitude Solutions has now been exposed as fraud it looks as though John Paul DeJoria has teamed up with the bloated Englishman Jonathon Kendrick. I’m researching as fast as I can to get the information to you but here is my advice. DO NOT INVEST IN ANYTHING ROK. First of all as with all John Paul DeJoria’s other stock frauds it has already changed names. Cyberfund, it once was, with not surprising Oklahoma connections. And of course Cyberfund has already been involved in a lawsuit, which follows the pattern of all John Paul Dejoria’s stock frauds, Ashall Homes Limited V. Rok Entertainment Group. And of course the name change from Cyberfund to Rok. Rok has so many products, and I am just beginning my preliminary research but I gotta wonder if any of the products even exist? As John Paul DeJoria has done before, raise funds for nothing, touting the benefit to the world,…oops investors YOUR MONEY IS GONE, so file a lawsuit! John Paul DeJoria and Jonathon Kendrick are trying to raise funds on ANYTHING ROK. Here is my preliminary research with more to come. These are the products claimed under Rok by this “WANKER” (my Irish friends told me that is what they call a fraud, a con) my best guess, Jonathon Kendrick.

Oval Vodka – Can’t buy it
Marula Oil – Don’t want it
ABK Beer – Lot’s of press releases but can not buy it.
Myrocknrolla – What the hell?
Bogarts Gin – I’d rather have a Botanist martini
Uisce Whiskey – Can’t buy it
Rok Mobile Phones – If you want one send in your information and they will contact you
And they will bury you for – $49.99

This is my personal opinion from experience and preliminary research on stocks affiliated with John Paul DeJoria. His crime affiliates came after me for nine months straight, I know his associations are questionable, and I can not find anything about Jonathon Kendrick before ROK. Except that he says he lost two fortunes, which two? What has he been involved with before? In his interviews he fully admits without a wife he is a bit of a mess. My guess is this wife takes FULL ADVANTAGE of that? I believe the “WANKER” Jonathon Kendrick is drinking and bloated from his own product…..if it exists at all? More research to come! My vacation begins today:)


  1. Michael King says:

    Why are u so Sad in your life. This man is an amazing man who saved my family when we had nowhere to live or eat. You should be a ashamed of yourself Tracy. You need help.

    • Tracy Zona says:

      Do I Mr. King? NO. I do not need HELP. Your obviously a flying monkey for a crime wave. Ashamed of myself? I am proud of myself. I have survived extreme domestic abuse, theft, forgery and fraud at the hands of these men. After all of that, I had John Paul DeJoria’s criminal affiliates harass and terrorize me for nine months straight. Prison for some, thus far, (will there be more?) has been included. Be careful….NOW you owe them. Do your research as I have done mine and I am NOT THE ONLY WOMAN that has been terrorized by this crime wave of stock frauders. AND I am not SAD….in fact I am one of the happiest and FUN people you will ever meet. But what happened to me at the hands of those that BOUGHT you should happen to no one. I’m making sure it is out there for the world TO SEE. The fraudsters insure Robin Hood FAKE stories just like yours and or it is easy to give money away when you steal it. Your story of goodness is laughable. (You should expose who you really are?) I’ll bet your Jonathon Kendrick himself! Full of bullshit…..

  2. Michael King says:

    Tracy first offf do you ever read what you write? You are probably missing teeth because all the crack you must be smoking. I can guarantee you I am who I say I am. Your story needs to be told to the women across America who need to hear your story who are facing the same situations now. But you are too caught up on this blog that waste hours following people rather than saving women and children lives. Ever thought that
    When you go to heaven (if u do TBD), that when god asks you what you did for the last part of your life and you say you wrote this blog. He would be disappointed you didn’t do more for you and for society in whole. Darling if you so happy why do you type so mean. Yes we know your story, so what? Nicole brown Simpson list her life, don’t be ungrateful. And probably won’t hurt if you get some air and find a nice man in palm desert. Yes I know where u are. How? I have great app I use called Facebook. Come on darling you can do better in life. Happy Presidents’ Day. And no I am not going to drive by your place. I will be too busy enjoying time with my daughter and wife visiting my parents. You need stop and listen to yourself and if you don’t believe me because I am a rat flying two faced monkey. They ask a real friend about what u are now doing. I can guarantee if they are honest to you that they will say this blog is a big waste of time and u need to focus your attention on a better life. Will be thinking of when I drink my bogart gin at my favorite resturant. Xoxoxo

  3. Tracy says:

    Drugs have never been a part of my life. Ever. I am grateful I have my life and survived abuse as I have stated that many times on my blog. I tell the truth of my life so others can see the tactics and what happens inside an abusive relationship. Just like Nicole Brown Simpson I tried to get help but I was fortunate enough to escape, she died at the hands of an abuser, as well as so many others that can’t get help because abuse is so misunderstood. I have a full life and what I do is none of your business. I spend ten minutes a day on my blog to compartmentalize my pain and share my story. Yes, my wish is everyone can escape abuse and have the amazing life I created. Unfortunately my abuse became entwined with a crime wave because of Richard Zona Jr. After nine months of terror, more abuse, corruption, at the hands of this criminal gang, I will write the TRUTH, it’s MY BLOG and it is up in readership 152 %!

  4. Tracy says:

    Btw… I have all my teeth and am frequently told my smile is amazing! Knock yourself out on that bottle of cheap gin BOGARTS.

  5. Naomi says:

    Next time, get your facts straight before throwing out accusatory statements, a simple google search will debunk your “facts”. If you’re going to write such a clearly bias and verbally distasteful article, make sure you know what you’re talking about. And by the way, continuously making digs at someone’s weight does not give your article legitimately, it is petty and speaks VOLUMES about your character.

    • Tracy Zona says:

      Naomi…I have my facts straight. Live my life with this group of men after you. Abuse, terror, and harrassment, non stop. I CHOSE to fight back by telling my true story. My mother taught me to be nice to EVERYONE, BUT, when they treat you like crap …right back at them. Interesting that I can get intimidating emails threatening my family, my friends, “they know where I live”, “you must be on crack addict with no teeth”, which I am not, but when you fight back against a group of men and call one of them FAT, when they are, all the sudden sensitivity is at stake. Boo hoo. Character……lol. These men back a domestic abuser….YOU MUST HAVE A LACK OF CHARACTER.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Tracy, everything you say is true! They both have very deep pockets and their tactic is to drown you in legal fees and threats until you give up. keep up the good work.

  7. Elsie says:

    Laughably pathetic. You sound like a lonely, bitter woman with no better way to spend her time than writing “articles” about men more successful than you’ll ever be. May I suggest getting outside more? Perhaps you’ll find a life there.

    • Tracy Zona says:

      Oh Elsie…if that’s your real name? I am certainly not a lonely bitter woman. I have a superb life! Get outside more, I am on the run constantly. I don’t only write articles about men but also women that are the WORST people in the world. I am running 100 percent as many I have written about have been sent to PRISON. 100 PERCENT, ELSIE! You live in Santa Monica, yes? I have an amazing life!!!:) You wouldn’t be one of the crew of the English FATSO, Jonathan Kendrick, would you be? Jonathan Kendrick’s own blood called from England to say what a horrible human being he is. I am spot on!!! And we had a delightful chat….

  8. H says:

    Very interesting Tracy. Especially the part when you argued with all these weird bot fanboys hahaha. You win. Cheers

  9. Elsie says:

    Imagine being such an evil cow that you stoop to insulting somebody’s weight, to making cheap remarks and digs when you have nothing of value to say. I’d bet my life savings that you’re an ugly piece of work, inside and out. Your words are cheap and bitter, and I sincerely hope you find change in your life and can learn to be a better human. You’re obviously incredibly lonely, and for that, I’m sorry. It must be terrible to feel that empty. I won’t indulge you any further with your insulting manner, but I do hope you go to therapy and work on silencing those inner demons. It’s clear you hold a lot of trauma from the abusive relationship you mentioned, and I can tell it’s weighing you down. May you get the help you need.

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