John Paul DeJoria and FRAUD in A Texas Court – LATITUDE SOLUTIONS

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January 30, 2019
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February 2, 2019
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John Paul DeJoria and FRAUD in A Texas Court – LATITUDE SOLUTIONS

I do my research. After what happened during my marriage to the abuser Richard Zona Jr I needed to know what is what? Why the abuse and control, why the post office boxes, why the affiliations with CRIME WAVES. He holds the ticket to this blog. Richard Zona Jr. has brought down so many that have helped him abuse me for years. When will he stop, NEVER. Which… all lead to my research on the FORBES FRAUD BILLIONAIRE, John Paul DeJoria. He is affiliated with my horrifying abusive ex husband Richard Zona Jr. through the stock fraud crime wave. Check out the videos on youtube of John Paul DeJoria touting this FRAUD Latitude Solutions. Yes, it has been going on for years and years. You have to wonder how much of his money he made legally? For example two of his stock fraud affiliations, Virtual Piggy/REGO and Latitude Solutions, have been in BIG legal and criminal trouble. Maybe it is his turn for KARMA (is a bitch ) because a Judge in Texas decided to accept no more of his legal bullshit. As you can see Latitude Solutions in a civil court was found to be guilty of FRAUD. (Sorry I had to use some white out or I could go to jail, I am gagged, over a PUBLIC DOCUMENT!, (John Paul DeJoria’s Fraud money works well in some courts around the country) Check out the videos on youtube of John Paul DeJoria touting this FRAUD. But the Judge FINALLY socked it to him and required John Paul DeJoria to bring nearly TWELVE MILLION dollars in cash into the TEXAS court. THAT’S SOME GUILT OF FRAUD!! Anyway we all know what John Paul DeJoria does in the legal department. He uses legal like no other to get away with it all. Why look what his criminal affiliates did to me and Carly Singer/Latitude Solutions in the legal department!!! Outright terror, harrassment, legal abuse, and corruption.

** Someone tried ALL DAY to log into my website with a log in name ROOT? (WTF) I’m guessing they want to hack it like it was hacked Christmas Eve, 2017 to silence me.
** I want to thank some very special readers for visiting my blog today! Austin, Tx. (where John Paul DeJoria lives), Cypress, Ca., Corona, Ca. (frequent reader), Abu Dhabi, Enterprise, Alabama, Gessate, Lombardy, Vancouver, B.C., Washington D.C., Vienna, University Park, Fl, S. Pasadena, CA, Rome, Lazio, Philadelphia, Pa., Montreal, Quebec, Medellin, Antioqua, and LAGUNA BEACH, Ca., which is where Richard Zona Jr. escalated abuse of me while married. ABUSE ESCALATES.


  1. CC says:

    Don’t forget those of us up in WI that got screwed over by the Latitude Solutions scam artists!!

    • Tracy Zona says:

      OMG! Tell me…..I WILL WRITE ABOUT IT! Please send me a secure email so I can correspond with you. I am so sorry. THEY ARE EVIL! Great people live in WISCONSIN! I will shoot you a direct email!:)

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