Where Is The Pip Squeak Richard Zona Jr.?

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January 22, 2019
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January 24, 2019
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Where Is The Pip Squeak Richard Zona Jr.?

Where is he? He has taken down so many with him….. You have no idea! Even though I have been “corruptly” gagged from telling you of my SUCCESS in outing Richard Zona Jr. and his fraud crime team affiliates, I HAVE BEEN SUCCESSFUL. Now I agree with the picture I have posted on sociopaths and what they do and have witnessed ALL of these actions by the pip squeak (my Dad used to say that, love him), but I disagree on how you should react. I was silent for thirteen years. Did he make things right with our family? No. Did he return my marital home, jewelry, car, and all that he legally owes me. No. Did he apologize for the sexual, emotional, and financial abuse. No. Instead what he did was enlist more people to help him. Crooks, fraudsters, and the lowest blood sucking vampires on the planet earth that came after me for him for nine months straight. THIS IS MY ADVICE. DO NOT EVER BACK DOWN FROM A SOCIOPATH, EVER. MAKE SURE THE WORLD KNOWS ALL ABOUT THEM. If you do you are saving others from the hell I survived. If you look away you allow them to ravage, and victimize others. One by one the dominoes will fall. Does anyone know where the pip squeak Richard Zona Jr. is?

*** I am so happy everyday that I no longer have Richard Zona Jr. sexually abusing me anymore, as he holds on tight to the financial abuse. And overjoyed, I don’t have his equally abusive, disgusting, cheating, father Richard Zona Sr. in my home anymore bellowing abuse at me and to kids. “Are you a bunch of little girls?” he used to say to boys of 9-12 on the holidays! Yep! Richard Zona Sr. was the one that conceived before marriage the little bastard pip squeak Richard Zona Jr. Abuse runs rampant in families.

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