The “Gangmember,” John Paul Dejoria, and the “Shill”, Stephen P. Harrington

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January 15, 2019
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January 17, 2019
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The “Gangmember,” John Paul Dejoria, and the “Shill”, Stephen P. Harrington

While Richard Zona Jr. paid CASH for a home in South Florida with my judgement money that he holds to coercive control me for life, I thought I would change and enlighten the world on some of his crime wave affiliated crooks. As of yet, these two, John Paul DeJoria and Stephen P. Harrington, have yet to be charged with a crime……but stocks they have been involved with for many years together have been dubbed criminal. It is a fact that John Paul DeJoria and his family trust have participated in a minimum of five shady, shady, companies with this crime wave including Stephen P. Harrington. This isn’t a one time mistake on John Paul DeJoria’s part….. no, no, no this is an affiliation of FRAUD that has lasted many years. “You should read Chris Carey’s masterpiece about the filthy crimes behind Philadelphia’s Penny stock scam: Virtual Piggy/REGO. Wowee! And there is more. Latitude Solutions, Cytomedix, Bwp Gas, Nuo Therapeutics, ICarbon Corp, Cygnus Oil and Gas, Epicedge and on and on and on. Not to mention John Paul DeJoria’s very sketchy past with other business deals. THESE TWO CREEPS HAVE LIVED HIGH OFF THEIR VICTIMS LOSSES FOR YEARS. TRUST ME, I KNOW, I WAS TOLD VERBALLY THAT THESE TWO YUCKY MEN WANTED ME SILENCED. They did not attach their name to the gag order even though they were affiliated and involved.
* Richard Zona Jr. is still winning his chess game.
* Can you believe the people that live off this fraud money tried to tell me “Richard Zona Jr. lives in a trailer.” The crime wave affiliates will say and do anything to keep their FRAUD MASKS on and cockroach living off the savings of others. (Women and spouses included)
**What I went through for nine months is unacceptable.

** A very reliable source revealed Stephen P. Harrington’s life as a securities fraud “shill”

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