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January 9, 2019
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January 12, 2019
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Richard Zona Jr. Plays Chess…

For many years during my abusive marriage to Richard Zona Jr. he would just disappear in the mornings for hours on end to play chess at Laguna Beach’s Main Beach. During this time my body and mind were under Richard Zona Jr.’s invasion of the body snatchers. Do not believe that can’t happen with manipulative abusive men. How does R. Kelly keep his victims in their place? How did Charlie Manson get many to murder for him? I never asked Richard Zona Jr. questions out of fear. Questions I now have? How did we live in a million plus house overlooking the Pacific ocean and you do not go to work everyday? You play CHESS. I never imagined there was even a crime wave at that time. Now I know differently. What were all the Post Office boxes for I never had a key to? I sure now know. He was at Main Beach so often artists did renderings of him playing….. CHESS. Richard Zona Jr. not only played chess at Main Beach instead of going to a job, he plays chess every single day of his life. With people. He believes himself to be a “master chess player”. His abusive chess moves on me are certainly in his favor. Even two Riverside County Judges were pawns, not unknowingly, THEY KNEW, in his game of chess. His attachment to the crime wave…he has plans to out maneuver all of you. In fact some have lost the Richard Zona Jr. CHESS GAME game already. You may not know it yet but you have.

**** At a minimum I am sure his phone records will show his CHESS collaboration with the crime wave several months before my website was hacked on Christmas Eve 2017 through now.
**** Will either of them win the John Paul DeJoria, Richard Zona Jr. CHESS match? It’s looking doubtful.
**** Throughout the night, while I was sleeping, someone was fervently trying to log into my blog. “IS THAT BLOG DOWN?” ~ Judge Kira Klatchko ~ (PAWN) “LADY I DON’T WANT TO SEE YOU BACK HERE AGAIN.” Over my TRUTHFUL BLOG, Really? (Another pawn not worth naming)
***** Where is Richard Zona Jr. anyway? Probably ENJOYING/EVIL his game of CHESS.

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