Olga Campos Benz (FAKE NEWS) – NO! John Paul DeJoria Is Not A Girl Scout

December 21, 2018
One Year Ago Today My Blog Was Hacked
December 24, 2018
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Olga Campos Benz (FAKE NEWS) – NO! John Paul DeJoria Is Not A Girl Scout

UPDATE 6/17/2019: In the last year THREE of John Paul DeJoria’s “GANG”/business affiliates have been arrested. One for stock fraud, one for bank fraud, and one for exposing his genitals to a child. I’d keep John Paul DeJoria AWAY from the Girl Scouts.

All I can do is tell the TRUTH with this blog of mine. Obviously Olga Campos Benz is overcome with dollar signs as she, a news person, has not done her research. I’m going to give her barely a break as it is very difficult to find the TRUTH on John Paul DeJoria but it is there! Money missing, files missing…..google it Olga, and be scared like me, as I was harassed and terrorized over the TRUTH of Virtual Piggy and Latitude Solutions for NINE MONTHS. Don’t forget Five Star Entertainment and Morroccan Oil Deal and Nordaq as they say (sources) the fraud ferris wheel is a continual hoax perpetuated behind a curtain by none other than the wizard John Paul DeJoria. Are you nothing but FAKE NEWS OLGA CAMPOS BENZ, as I am here to tell you I went through nine months of terror and harassment? And not only me but Carly Singer, as well, with Latitude Solutions (TERROR AND CORRUPTION). Do your research OLGA as John Paul DeJoria is NOT A GIRL SCOUT.

Don’t be surprised as my abusive ex Richard Zona (Jr.) has not made ONE EFFORT to correct his wrongs…..no matter whom he takes down with him. Even at Christmas. My blog survived the hack by the crime wave one year ago. The ties that bind these guys….

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