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December 19, 2018
December 21, 2018
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High Expectations….

While I was married to my abusive monster ex husband Richard Zona (Jr.) the abuse of me took a toll on me and on the high expectations I always had. High expectations are also high standards. I knew even when he would force and demand sex, nearly run me over on Mother’s Day, disappear for hours on end, to have affairs with men and women, leave me on a street corner in Boston with two small children, financially control me, and emotionally belittle me and my voice, I knew that was not my high standard. At the time I was trying to keep my family intact as my fears became a real nightmare and horror when I finally left. Today my high standards are a top priority for me. Never again will I accept less for myself for anyone. After rebuilding my life, even when evil tries to ruin me, my standards stay high. Gaining the respect I have now is so far from the abuse perpetuated on me by Richard Zona (Jr.) Just today I heard more than once “you are so special.” MY high standards are set in stone. I DO NOT SETTLE FOR LESS. My journey of surviving domestic abuse and a crime wave after me has brought me to a wonderful place I am going to stay. MY EXPECTATIONS ARE HIGH……..for myself, for my friends, for my family, FOR LIFE. Thank you to all those that told me ” I was special today.” Thank you very much.

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