I Didn’t Write This – But I Lived It

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December 18, 2018
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I Didn’t Write This – But I Lived It

~Imagine you live a normal middle class life. Then, one day. your spouse files for divorce and refuses all reasonable settlements.

Next, you are served with paperwork at your home, your place of work and areas you once believed to be private.

​Suddenly the person you were once married to becomes unrecognizable. They begin to be influenced by unethical lawyers swarming your community property estate like vultures.

Real domestic violence and fraud are ignored by the courts.

​You become stressed, you are unable to work. You are unable to maintain relationships. Going to court causes you anxiety because you must speak in court, and you don’t like speaking in public.

​You don’t know the rules, the language sounds foreign. The lawyers, judges and clerks all sound like buddies and thieves together, but you are alone. You don’t understand what is happening. It feels unjust.

​For the first time in your life the police harass you. You may even find you are being put in jail for something that is explained by complex legal jargon you don’t understand. You can’t afford a lawyer, or the lawyer bills begin to flood in.

​There are court deadlines. Everything feels urgent. Paperwork has to be filed and calls interrupt your life at all times of day. It goes on for years. There is no way out. No lawyer helps.

Large sparkling courthouses sit full of glamour and short on staff. Computers line banks of desks , with nobody able to tell you the password or how to use them, what you need to file or what you need to do.

​You begin to fall behind on payments you timely made all of your life. You have no motivation to get out of bed. Your relationship with your children starts to slip away. Your children become depressed and fail to thrive. You are embarrassed, Your children are embarrassed. You lose your friends , you lose your family.

Your family is torn apart. To the lawyers and judges it is just business as usual.

​Legal bills costing more money than you could imagine begin to stack up. You have to decide to eat , or file a motion to keep property or see your children. The court orders you to pay to see your children; supervised visitation costs up to $150/ hr. Your lawyer charges $400 per hour.

You are sanctioned $10,000 for not filing paperwork on time. You are sanctioned $100,000 because the judge doesn’t like you. ( OR SENTENCED TO JAIL )

You are imputed for income, or denied support, because your ex hired a vocational examiner. Your assets flee more quickly than you can explain and your children are kept from you by strangers and judges cloaked in immunity. You are being robbed and nobody will help.

Custody experts and CPAs lie to the court. The court doesn’t divide your money, the court just keeps paying the lawyers with your money.

​You try to speak out. You try to complain. Things only get worse. The State Bar does nothing, The Commission on Judicial Performance does nothing. The county does nothing. Law makers do nothing. The media ignores you.

​You may believe our legal system is fair, and based on law, but the reality of today’s family court means you begin to pay accountants, custody experts, lawyers, vocational examiners, realtors and even strangers to supervise you with your own children.

​When you leave court in California, you will leave without property you acquired over a lifetime, retirement you had saved for years, property you inherited, your dignity, your good name and in many cases, your children.

​Family court abuse that serves to violate the civil rights of our citizens, must stop.

More judges will be impeached or recalled. More lawyers will be disbarred.

District Attorneys who don’t do their jobs will be removed too.
Grand Jury complaints will be made. The DOJ will investigate. The FBI will investigate.~

Ask Judge Kira Klatchko how it goes? I responded honestly to the court about a crime wave after me. (PROVEN) They came in to take me out. The crime wave did it before me to Carly Singer/Latitude Solutions. I told Judge Kira Klatchko the truth. I told her I was set up by a crime wave. I RESPONDED to an email that was sent to me. I asked the question “Were you sexually abused like me?” That was enough to put me on a list by Judge Kira Klatchko. “Were you sexually abused like me, take my hand?” IN RESPONSE TO AN EMAIL SENT TO ME. Judge Kira Klatchko chose to favor the crime wave. And the other Judge….not worth mentioning his name, he took my constitutional rights away in favor of crime.

The district attorney can not look the other way. DA HESTRIN. He can’t. Can he?

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